WWE Raw summary and feedback (August 1, 2022): Control the game like Janet

WWE Raw summary and feedback (August 1, 2022): Control the game like Janet

Hey! It’s the first raw Where summerslam! Will Edge answer the questions? Is Becky Lynch a face now? And what’s new with Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY joining forces like Legion of Doom? Claire is also watching and no doubt has the same questions. But since she blogs, she can’t actually say all that.

I can.

let’s talk raw!


IYO SKY vs. Bianca Belair. How did we get here? WWE threads the story in rawThe first two hours of preparation for the match. First, Becky Lynch hit the ring when raw I started With a good view of the baby’s face. Becky adequately explained her evolution from The Man to Big Time Becks to The Man. She thanks Bianca Belair for part of the change. Bianca hit the ring, the two hugged, and Becky told the champ to squeeze her back from nursing a separated shoulder. While Bianca was basking in her glory and noticing that the respect she had for Becky didn’t extend to Bayley, IYO SKY, or Dakota Kai, these three women attacked Becky in the backstage area. Bianca rushed to the defense of Becky – in the wake of no less! – But it was too late.

After several matches and minutes later, Asuka tied with Alexa Bliss. Bliss talked about climbing the ladder after getting rid of Dodrop, and Asuka was her first rung. The match was fine but had a chance of being something else because Bayley, Dakota, and IYO boycotted the proceedings. Guess who came to the ring in a very new pair or Air Jordan 11s and is ready to fight?

Bianca chased after the newly minted trio and challenged any of them to a match. IYO accepted.

IYO and Bianca were all about how both women feel for each other. IYO didn’t show her mastery of Heaven while Bianca didn’t show her strength as much as one might imagine. The fiercest moment was when Bianca grabbed IYO’s Frankensteiner attempt and hit her head with a railing.

At that exact moment, the true target of the match revealed himself. Bayley and Dakota, already at ringside, prevented Bianca from throwing IYO back into the ring. Asuka and Alexa settled the odds as all six women stood toe-to-toe. Bianca and IYO struggled a bit more but the distractions were plenty.

In the end, it all deteriorated into the four women outside the ring fighting each other inside the ring, forcing the referee to ring the bell and referee the match without competition.

While some might dismiss the fact that both women’s matches this week were a form of DQ, the finishers served a greater purpose. Bailey’s crew wants control rawwomen section. Making their appearances every match on the card made sense. Hitting every woman just to make a point is key. To make matters worse, they removed Becky from the commission after making her shoulder problem “worse”.

I feel all this and can’t wait to see where it goes. Bianca is not exactly a team player. Neither Asuka nor Alexa for that matter. Seeing the three of them go against a legitimate stable has a lot of potential. Can they coexist? Will they coexist? Which of the Bayley teams would you like to star in Bianca? How violent is this? We hope to get answers to these questions and more.

Ciampa will survive

Once AJ Styles won the Triple Threat match against Mustafa Ali and The Miz, the winner from Ciampa, Dolph Ziggler and Chad Gable was clear. The winner of each match got the right to wrestle each other. The singles match winner earned the right to face Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship.

While the Ciampa vs. Chad vs. Dolph didn’t work for me as much as it once did AJ’s show, but it was a solid relationship. The best moment was Chad and Dolph briefly showing off their wrestling acumen on the mat. also? Strange Dolph is back for Theory and so far, he’s doing nothing with Theory.

Anyway, Ciampa and AJ faced off with Miz in Ciampa’s corner. This was, of course, a very good match. There’s not a lot of conflicting approaches – no pun – with these two species as much as a vet who knows each other well due to exploration from afar. Ray dodged a kick from Pele. Reverse AJ Air Raid to Clash of Styles! Ciampa saw the massive forearm come in and fended off with a patented knee kick. If not for Miz, these two might still be wrestling at the moment.

But Miz is something that helped Ciampa several times. The biggest of those times came when the movement hit the outside. Ciampa threw AJ over the barrier in the time division. And guess who grabbed AJ’s leg while I counted it the reference? If you say “Mary’s” your mind is clearly not in the right place. Well, it’s the right time, but it’s the wrong time.

Miz was. It was Miz who grabbed his leg and it was Miz who almost knocked out AJ. In the end, Miz’s presence gave Ciampa high ground, allowing him to attack AJ once Styles returned to the ring, ending the match by ending the Fairytale group.

Now we get Ciampa vs.Bobby Lashley for the US title. Words I thought impossible to write after the past few months. But this was a powerful story told through good wrestling in three matches with different flavours. This is a win for everyone.

I think it’s time for Lashley to move on from the US title, so give me Ciampa as the champ. Excuse me?


a lot of style

AJ Styles showed me something new this week. At the end of a very good opening triple threat match, Ali hit Miz with a 450 spray only to bounce right into AJ’s hands and fall victim to Styles Clash. Oh, and AJ’s Styles Clash was executed right above the Miz. It was a perfect ending to a great match.

The Miz was disabled for most of the match due to some smashed ribs from his summerslam match. He made a DDP tape so he supports it for that because it is always appreciated. Logically, this meant that AJ and Ali played the Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better Game. And both men, at different times, did their best to get each other out and focus on the injured Miz.

The best example is Ali shooting himself off a rope and hitting AJ with a DDT tornado on the ground. Ali is very sedated and reasons like these are small samples of why. While AJ’s win was not in doubt, this was really a show for me. And he, as usual, answered the bell. Great opening match for raw With a lot of bets.

Who wants to smoke now, Biotch?

Seth Rollins, who doesn’t seem to care about his wife being assaulted so early in the night, came out worried about Riddle. The Street Profits, still licking their wounds after losing to The Usos, came to their friend’s defense. Seth spoke of his nest, deserting them for their loss, telling them to break up, and said if it was only one of them, he might fight. Well, the earnings from this show took him and he decided to play card, rock and scissors for the right to fight “Franklin” Rollins. Well, in a move that definitely suggests a break between friends, Montez basically said “nah” to it, grabbed the reference, and ran into the ring.

What followed was a great match all about proving Tez can play for one of WWE’s best. His sore ribs were the other part of the story, which meant that his regular high-impact spurs caused him pain like Seth. And eventually came back to bite him.

Tees dodged the splash of Seth’s frog and went for him. But he hit his knees on those injured ribs. Rollins hit Blackout, or Curb Stomp, whatever they call it, and earned a W.

He went for match after match but Angelo Dawkins came along with his partner. Mission accomplished on all fronts, Tees. Unfortunately, this probably means that we are one step closer to disintegrating profits and walking on opposite sides of the block.

Do not be judged, less than to be judged

Edge is back. Cut the edge of a good width Baby Face. Edge even apologized to the audience for being, in his words, “an idiot.” Edge kept it simple: He’s here to end Judgment Day.

The only hit I have is the fact that he didn’t use the music and presentation from summerslam. But I will live.

Oh, it’s not over yet

The edge is not finished. This week’s main event saw The Usos defend their titles against The Mysterios. Which… It felt funny to me. Sure, they won summerslam match, but they lost their tag match prior to that match. The only reason they got this spot was something at the end of the show or to change the address. As the match progressed, and it was a solid relationship, it became clear that a change of title wasn’t in the cards. The Usos continued their reign – which had become boring – and Doomsday hit the arena for some good old revenge. Cue Edge Music. Ranked R interrupts the blow and Rhea squeezes life out of Mysterio with her thighs like Xenia Onatopp. For reasons… I want more of that.

Anyway, Edge cleared the house and set up Damien Priest to make a spear. Just to push Rhea Dom in front of him. Edge showed no remorse for the accidental spear, and chased his former crew through the corridors.

Ray, who earlier noted his friendship and history with Edge, did not see Rhea push Dom but saw Edge as his spear. He looked confused and no doubt annoyed that his old friend might do something so outrageous.

I’m not sure this story needs such a layer of drama because it actually writes itself. But here we are.

raw It was an entertaining show this week. All matches had some sort of bet, the latest set had some evolution, and the US Championship looks like a big time belt and not just a prop. And we got strong, good or great wrestling all night long, along with good promotions. Not every match was perfect and I wonder if they’re overbooking meat between Doomsday and Edge.

Grade: A-

This is my degree and I am committed to it. Your turn.

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