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Tom Cruise turns 60: how he conquered Hollywood and beat the royals

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Tom Cruise really does have the royal seal of approval.

Cruz is 60 years old. This is correct.

The Hollywood star is 60 years old but looks closely at the age of 35. I should know. I just sat down with Tom while he was at Windsor Castle, where he hosted the magnificent royal event, “A Gallop Through History,” at the Queen’s request.

The past few years have also seen Tom Cruise completely reinvent his public persona from an eccentric, at times cornered, Hollywood geek with ageless good looks and box office receipts to match.

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As Tom walked on the big platform at Windsor Castle facing the lady who has ruled the Commonwealth for the past 70 years, he was, as one source admitted, “nervous”.

“I really like Queen Elizabeth,” Tom said. “We can all learn lessons from her, and she’s a vibrant lady with a really addictive zest for life. But, you know, despite all the movies and success, this was a ‘moment’,” they say, and fortunately, it all went fine. Okay. But when you look at who she’s met over the decades, you think, “Why did they ask me?”

Tom proved to be a great and kind manager, plus he added that international brilliance to the event, which really helped break the ratings. However, Tom has had previous associations with members of the royal family, which may be the reason why he was invited by the Queen to host.

Tom Cruise attends the “Top Gun: Maverick” screening during the 75th annual Cannes Film Festival at the Palais des Festivals on May 18, 2022 in Cannes, France.
(Lionel Hahn/Getty Images)

In 2017, Tom made a huge impression on the late Duke of Edinburgh. Both men were supporters of the Outward Bound Trust, an educational charity that seeks to improve the lives of children and young adults through outdoor activities and learning. They attended a dinner held at Buckingham Palace to honor the 75th anniversary of the founding of the UK-based organisation.

They remained like old friends, with Philip laughing out loud several times at the event, cementing his place in the royal circle. The Queen noticed it and kept it for this huge royal year.

Tom also became friends with the late Princess Diana when Tom married Nicole Kidman. The two met the princess at a screening of “Far and Away” in 1992, and Tom told me he was “devastated” by her death.

“She was a charming personality and I fell in love with her personality,” he said.

Diana also loved the original “Top Gun”, and would often watch it on videotape at Kensington Palace with Princes William and Harry.

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Tom’s 60th birthday on July 3 marked a milestone in an extraordinary life, one at the top of the film industry. But the biggest question on everyone’s lips here recently in the UK has been: Did the Duchess of Cambridge and Tom Cruise violate royal protocol?

This was because the brave Tom always offered to help Duchess Catherine up the stairs as she climbed up in sparkly high heels.

As Tom pointed out, “It’s normal isn’t it? And that’s what my mom taught me to do – be a gentleman and offer to help. It was awhile. And honestly, I didn’t see anything wrong with that, however we laughed about it afterwards just because it was I have to remember that.”


When I spoke with Tom recently, he didn’t think twice about whether William and Catherine would attend his birthday party in the UK, but he hopes they will “if they can save the time”.

Tom knows that the royal premiere of his new movie, which has been shot #1 around the world, is all thanks to them.

“People love the British royal family as much as I do and I know they have focused so much on the event that I am so grateful and happy beyond words,” Tom revealed to a source.

Tom Cruise in

Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun released on May 16, 1986.
(CBS via Getty Images)

Tom asked all guests not to give gifts because “I really have enough. I mean I don’t need anything. So donations to my charities are my biggest pleasure, and I check in with them all the time.”

Tom confessed with 60 voices like, “Wow, you know.” But with Tom hitting that milestone this weekend, it’s clear he’s the start of something big even after all these years still the world’s #1 box office star and now with the royal seal of approval too.

Happy birthday, Tom.

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