Strange scene of Michael B Jordan and Laurie Harvey split

Strange scene of Michael B Jordan and Laurie Harvey split

You may have heard that actor Michael B. Jordan and skincare enthusiast Laurie Harvey are no longer an item. The couple, who had been dating for a year and a half, announced their separation in an exclusive to People Via “source” (most likely, propaganda) during the Weekend. And as of yesterday, Harvey has erased all evidence of creed A star from her Instagram. Of course, and Harvey’s stepfather, Steve Harvey, weighed in, too.

The internet has made a big meal out of this news over the past few days. while the People The article didn’t reveal who started the breakup, the immediate assumption on social media was that Jordan did something stupid (ie cheat), and Harvey quickly got rid of his ass. Chase Center’s official Twitter account didn’t help Post a video From the 35-year-old actor sitting on the field at Sunday’s NBA Finals game where he appeared to be, well, unhappy.

Now, thanks for another People Exclusively, we learn that Harvey supposedly called off the relationship after realizing she and Jordan weren’t “on the same page” while the pair were “planning ahead.” Whether it was the representative of Jordan or the representative of Harvey who conveyed this information to the press several days after Black Panther Which star is mocked and called a scam on social media, you decide. Regardless, the revelation that Harvey, a 25-year-old woman, didn’t want to settle down with her 35-year-old boyfriend, sparked a flurry of sympathy for Jordan on social media, as you guessed it, a group of men.

Well, for the most part. Yesterday, a Twitter account that appears to be run by a woman created a profile routeproviding men with a “safe place” and asking them to share “time [they] He appeared in public after the break-up” and “had to fight tears the whole time”—apparently in response to Jordan’s clip at the basketball game. The mentor received thousands of responses, with men often recounting that they had to go to work or a family job the day after the break-up their heart, as if it were a new experience that only happens to men.

Some of the stories were actually quite funny. But that’s not the end of a group of random men who make the poignant decision to leave their boyfriend on their own and portray him as a cautionary tale about women being independent creatures.

But that’s not the end of a group of random men who make the poignant decision to leave their boyfriend on their own and portray him as a cautionary tale about women being independent creatures.

In a tweet a quote on a video Jordan filmed of a detailed aquarium history he planned for Harvey’s last Valentine, one Twitter user heavily WroteGuys, Laurie Harvey must be a lesson to you, if she wants to stay, you’ll stay. If you don’t, it doesn’t matter if you donate all your organs and drain your blood for them, she’ll leave you for lack of organs and blood. Don’t break your back, don’t sweat. “

Among the large number of statements of condemnation, Twitter user likewise implicit that Black Panther Actor “move”[d] Mountains’ to Harvey. Other joking That Jordan “didn’t know ‘Harvey’ was already married to The Game”. Someone even invoked reincarnation to explain Harvey’s new celibacy, TwitterLaurie Harvey must have come into this world to avenge all the men who have wronged her in her past life. That is. This is [the] tweet.”

Online characterization of Harvey as a gold miner (as if the Harvey family’s trust lacked money) or a professional girlfriend at best is nothing new. When SKN first came into the spotlight in 2017, she was engaged to Dutch footballer Memphis Depay, whom she separated in 2018. Since then, Harvey has either dated or been seen dating seemingly high-profile men like Jr. The eldest to Diddy Justin Combs, and eventually Diddy, Trey Songs, and Future. The fact that Harvey hooked up with so many men and didn’t dress like a nun — all while being the stepdaughter of a man who was notorious for giving conservative dating advice to women — has rocked audiences on social media for confusing, mostly sexist reasons.

Michael B. Jordan and Laurie Harvey attend the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on March 27, 2022, in Beverly Hills, California.

John Shearer/Getty Images

In this way, the Internet has been oddly bold when crafting accounts about Harvey and her motives for dating other celebrities, something she had been ignoring until very recently. Even women applauding her “hustle” and showing off a feminist angle in her romantic life unwittingly make scenes of a 25-year-old whose rejection of restraint seems healthy, and most importantly natural.

You could say Twitter makes Jordan to be Sad Ben Affleck 2.0 or speculate about his role in disengaging is another example of the public overstepping their bounds with people they don’t know, even though he wouldn’t face the burden of being a prostitute. Shame on him or defame him because of his instability with a woman and he is approaching his forties.

Despite all the annoying internet backlash, it’s curious that Jordan and Harvey managed to get the public emotionally invested in their split after they initially called off their relationship as a publicity stunt. And I’m sure, as celebrities who thrive financially with interest, the response is somewhat certain. Let’s all be no stranger to the romantic life of a one-time 25-year-old woman.

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