On the road with Expion360

On the road with Expion360

Let me guess… You are one of the many individuals who enjoy the leisure lifestyle. Or, perhaps, you’re considering indulging in your own RV (more commonly known, of course, as an RV). There is something so relaxing, especially now, to be on the road and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine after the recent COVID-19 quarantine.

Of course, recreational vehicle owners cite their love of road trips as a primary reason to invest in the lifestyle. This is not new. Between 1945 and 1960, custom RV parks were created to meet the needs of RV users, while the focus was on a more luxurious in-car experience (including kitchens and bathrooms, among other essentials). These days you can have anything synonymous with comfort in an RV. And for pure entertainment (or for informational purposes), you can consume content about this leisure lifestyle on multiple platforms.

For example, if you’re of a certain age, you might remember the beloved Stone family who traveled in an RV in a classic family comedy. Donna Reed Show. Then there was Lucille Ball and Daisy Arnaz Long and Long Trailer on the big screen in 1953. And right now, delve into your craving for bucket list amidst an array of RV-themed TV shows and broadcasts including… Deep Breathing…Scenic American RV AdventuresAnd the Go RVAnd the Beachin’ RVsAnd the Big time RVAnd the Extreme RVsAnd the Flippin . RVAnd the Mega RV Countdown And the Rollin on TV.

The ease of having your own space and controlling your own environment, before and after a pandemic, certainly ranks high on anyone’s choice for an RV. Then there is the more expensive cost factor. Living in an RV to its fullest is definitely less than buying (or renting out a home or apartment for the long term).

said Mike Tankel, partner/optimist at marketing and development firm To Be Continued. “We all dream of regaining our freedom and owning an RV, and consuming content of a recreational nature simply adds fuel to our fires!”

According to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), total recreational vehicle shipments in 2021 increased 39.5 percent. On the small screen, whether on linear (radio) or digital platforms, lifestyle software brands have increased rapidly in recent years. Think HGTV, Travel Channel, GAC, and Magnolia (formerly the DIY Network), in particular. And according to Expion360, which produces high-quality lithium batteries to power your RV, you can now power anything, anytime, anywhere, as an alternative to a gas power generator to enhance and protect your experience.

Launched in 2016, Expion360 is specialized in lithium ion energy storage technology. More specifically, Expion360 offers supportive batteries and accessories for the entertainment industry. This includes recreational vehicles, green applications, Overland Market (ATVs), camping, and off-grid applications (storage, power, etc.), all sold with a 12-year warranty. Positioned as a replacement for older lead-acid batteries, the immediate benefits of lithium include a longer battery life, more power, a smaller footprint, half the weight, and greater flexibility to use battery power across various mobile applications.

For example, imagine 225 pounds of LED-acid batteries being replaced with 32 pounds of lithium that is easy to store, with the same recovery and discharge time. “There is an approximately 3-to-1 ratio between lithium-acid and lithium-ion batteries,” noted John Yosamp, CEO of Expion360. “Lithium batteries are more energy efficient, which means that a typical RV can use more battery power. And charging is particularly efficient.”

The growing interest in a leisure lifestyle

At the height of the pandemic, unfortunately, the end result, for many companies and a wide range of individuals, was financial collapse. Companies were forced to close. People are often left without work. Production in media entertainment has been very limited. Many industries across the board suddenly faced an uncertain future. But there was one rare exception… Recreational vehicles, which for Expion360 has led to increased interest in its core product of lithium batteries.

“Lithium elevates your experience with plenty of power, long life cycles, and lower weight, which is critical when towing a vehicle,” explained John Yozamp. “Relatively speaking, that’s the level of day and night performance compared to older technology.”

“Imagine if you went out camping with empty batteries,” he said. You can’t turn on your refrigerator, heater, or anything else. If your RV runs out of batteries, not all of the sliding mechanisms, locking levers, tongue jacks, and anything else will work. As more people enter this lifestyle, or discover it as a hobby, you want to make sure you cover all the basics.”

Annually, the recreational vehicle industry generates nearly $20 billion in retail sales, according to RVIA. In contrast to more specific activities or interests, the target audience engaged in – or delving into – this “on the road” lifestyle is mass appeal. More specifically, think of millennials living in RV, the 35-55 age group, retirees looking to modernize, and anyone — or anyone — in between.

“The interest in the leisure lifestyle is increasing at a breakneck speed,” Yosamp noted. “But you also want to try it out the right way and the best way.”

While nearly 9 percent of American households own existing RVs, another 15 percent intend to own one. Note Mike Tankel. “Many just want the freedom of their childhood, that sense of adventure, and this desire to be the captain of their own ship that only the RV lifestyle can achieve. Finding new people, new places, and being in control every step of the way.”

Simply put, an RV is a sense of that renewed freedom,” Tankel said.

Recreational vehicles in the media

Lucy and Daisy may have handled the RV lifestyle in the aforementioned Long and Long Trailerbut written TV dramas like Three for the way And the touched by angel spin off Promised Land Experience also offered. movies like space balls (1987), The Incredibles (2004), Meet Fockers (2004), RV (2006) and We are the millers (2013) further elaborated this. Who, after all, doesn’t remember Robin Williams in Road Comedy RV? And just last year, the Academy Award for Best Picture went to Bedouinwhich follows a widow (Frances McDormand in her third Best Actress Oscar-winning role) who departs to travel across the United States in her van.

“The lithium battery technology we use is also ideal for charging from solar energy,” Yuzamp noted. “When you have a solar power pack and you charge lithium batteries, there is no longer a need for a gas generator in large recreational vehicles. The amount of time to charge a lithium battery with solar energy is much less than with a lead-acid battery, which can take 24 to 36 hours. With lithium , it’s a third of that time; in eight hours of good sunlight, you can fully recharge your batteries for reuse.”

“Solar energy is also very suitable for remote areas that are not connected to power grids,” he said.

“The whole focus when buying lithium is getting off the grid,” said Paul Schon, COO of Expion360. “With enough battery and enough solar, you can stay off the grid indefinitely. We’re replacing generators. That’s a big move now. It offers a solution to noise pollution. And with a satellite connection to your RV, you can connect to Wi-Fi anywhere.” “

On the road in the entertainment space

As of March 2021, 11.2 million American households are reported to own an RV, according to the RVIA. This is a 26 per cent increase over a decade ago. Meanwhile, an additional 9.6 million households are considering purchasing an RV in the next five years.

“People have simply discovered or rediscovered the great outdoors, which only increases the demand for recreational vehicles,” John Yosamp noted. “What we offer at Expion360 in the space of only lithium battery enhances the lifestyle. There are no longer any limitations in your complete RV experience.”

Travel safely on the road for everyone!

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