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NWA Alwayz Ready Results: Cardona’s Injured World Champion Status

NWA Alwayz Ready Results: Cardona's Injured World Champion Status

NWA heralds the era of Matt Cardona with a PPV inspired by his logo. Always ready The live stream begins on Saturday, June 11th at 8pm ET.

Cardona is set to defend the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship against Nick Aldis in the main event. One small problem though. Cardona tore his biceps and underwent surgery. Cardona will be present at the show, but no one is guessing how this situation will be resolved. The answer lies in the whims of Billy Corgan.

In addition to Cardona’s dilemma, there are six other title fights, Aron Stevens’ swan song, and the appearance of Taya Valkyrie.

Join us for live scores and have fun chatting in the comments.

Pre-show card

The NWA 74th Anniversary Show will be on August 27 and 28.

BLK Jeez will run the Tyrus, and Austin Idol will run the Cyon. May Valentine asked investigative questions to look for tension within the crew. BLK Jeez did not bite. It’s about the team, baby. They’re on top, the cream of the crop, unstoppable.

Rodney Mac “Magic” defeated Jake Dumas. CJ (Christi Jaynes) was the servant of the Magical Man. When Dumas requested a chair to use as an alien object, CJ modeled it for the audience with the motions of a magician’s assistant. It took CJ so long that Mack revived Dumas and grabbed him from behind to achieve choke through Euthanizer’s arm.

Chelsea Green provided a medical update on Matt Cardona. She married him for many reasons, including his steadfastness. Cardona is a fighter. They will go out to the main event and do what they have to do.

“Hatchet” Sam Shaw (fka Dexter Lumis in NXT) welcomed back to NWA. He did not answer any interview questions. Rush Freeman came out for the boycott. He is a big fan of Shaw. Sal Renauro ran to attack Shu. You handle it easily. When Rinauro lunged again, Freeman grabbed Shaw’s arm to make a double clothesline for teamwork. Shu remained silent. Show Freeman the handshake. Shu accepted, but did not leave her. Shu strangled Freeman, then strangled Rinauro. Gaagz The Gymp entered the ring, but walked away from Shaw. Gaagz rotated Rinauro’s body outward.

Wrecking Ball Legursky revealed that Jay Bradley has elephantiasis in his thigh, so The Fixers won’t wrestle in a triple threat match.

Ricky Morton and Keri Morton AJ Kazana defeated Anthony Andrews, Jeremiah Plunkett and Alex Taylor. The Illotten was replaced by The Fixers. The Mortons won by a double kick to Plunkett.

PPV . Card

Aaron Stevens lost the Swan Song match to Trevor Murdoch. Stevens injured his leg and fractured an elbow disc. Murdoch dodged and Stephens popped into the slam. The Flying Bulldog won the match. Fans began chanting “Thank You”. Stevens grabbed a microphone to respond, “You’re welcome.” The crowd erupted with cheers. Looks like it was already Stevens’ retirement match.

NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship: The Pretty Empowered (Ella Envy & Kenzie Paige) won the Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) titles. Paige attempted to use the title belt as an alien object, but the referee took it too far. Paige used this distraction to kick Belle in the thigh. Paige was attached to a trapeze via leg scissors for victory in front of the city crowd.

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship: The murders against PJ Hawx have been kept. The Challenger had his time to win the Superplex, but he was too slow to make the cap. Kill the piercing kick and hit the cleaver. Hawks was fired and returned with a springboard. When Hawx is charged with clothesline, the murder degenerates to turn him upside down for Cop Killa to win.

After the match, the fixers rushed into the ring to beat Homicide and Hawx. Luke Hawks rushed to protect his son, but met the same fate. Mortons has arrived to clear the stabilizer loop. Colby Corino cashed out in a title shot on the murder.

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship: The Colby Corino murders are kept. The challenger was full of energy, but the hero was a fighter. They brawled around the ring with Homicide getting the edge of a back-body drop on stage. Inside the ring, a policeman hit Killa. Corino shocked everyone by kicking her out. Corino staggers rallied with a piercing kick, but the murder flattens him with a clothesline. The hero scored a roll-up to win.

Ginasid will not leave the building until she lays her hands on Natalia Markova. It’s hunting season.

Natalia Markova defeated Taya Valkyrie. Taryn Terrell was ringside and spoiled Taya’s debut. After Taya hits the road to Valhalla, Terrell jumps onto the playing field to distract the referee. Markova took advantage of a corner kick on Taya to win.

NWA National Heavyweight Championship: Jax Dane held against Chris Adonis. Dane was stuck in Master Lock’s delivery, but got close enough for the ropes to fall off the ring. Dane smashed Adonis’ hand. That strategy has paid off. When Adonis went for another Master Lock, his hand was too damaged to hold.

Aaron Stevens cut his farewell show. He did his best to win the world title, but it just didn’t happen. After giving so much to work, it’s time to choose his own luxury. Stevens has a ticket to Brazil with May Valentine at his side.

Thom Latimer defeated Cyon. Austin Idol was ringside in support of The Masked Man. Latimer took a nasty bump on his neck in the corner, so Cyon focused on that weak spot. Latimer escaped the piledriver to rally for the powerbomb pop-up to win.

NWA World Television Championship: Tyrus kept against Mims. The challenger entered with a thin arm. He dealt massive damage when he crashed into the rotating shaft. The pain didn’t stop Mims from getting close to winning a race for the body and drizzle. Mims was his worst enemy after all. When he hit Tyros on the shoulder, Mims hurt himself and cried out in pain. Tyros mocked his opponent and then sent a heart punch for victory. Next, Tyrus shook Mims’ hand and then lowered him with the clothes onto the rug.

NWA World Tag Team Championship: The Commonwealth of Nations (Doug Williams and Davey Boy Smith Jr.) won titles from La Rebelion (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf). La Rebelion had a victory within reach after a heavy hit and listed the 450 submachine guns, but Williams was out on the cover. The Commonwealth Connection took over when the Williams Superplex hit Pestia. Smith landed a flying bird. Williams swooped for a knife pin for the win.

KiLynn King talked about grinding the Indies which led her to this moment. She doesn’t think Camille is taking this match seriously. While King was at the gym every day, Kamille married and went on their honeymoon. The King would not take this opportunity of heroism lightly.

NWA Women’s World Championship: Camille retained against Kaelen King. Bully Ray was in the commentary to add insight from both women’s training. Back and forth war of attrition between powers. The closest pin to the King came after a wave of Jaws, Flips from Kingdom Falls, and Frog Spray. Camille expelled. KiLynn fired into the corner and then ran into a spear from the champ. Camille took the win.

After the match, Max The Impaler rushed the ring. Her intention was clear to be the next contender. Security stopped Max, but Camille wasn’t afraid. The champion stood tall with the title high.

Dr. Tom Prichard made a special appearance thanking the audience.

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship: Matt Cardona (c) against Nick Aldis is cancelled. Due to Cardona’s biceps injury, he cannot wrestle. After a very long promotional session, Nick Aldis, Trevor Murdoch, Tom Latimer and Sam Shaw are all out in a new main event. Cardona reluctantly handed the belt over to Billy Corgan, and a four-way match for the world title was booked to begin now.

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship: Trevor Murdoch won the title against Nick Aldis, Tom Latimer, and Sam Shaw in a quad. Start a chaotic quarrel. As the big moves progressed, there was always one man on hand to break the fixation or surrender. In the end, Aldis had momentum. Latimer sent over the ropes on the back of his body and the low-bridged Shu appeared outside the ring. The two men crashed on the concrete floor. Murdoch was sitting and waiting. Pounce on a flying bulldog on the unsuspecting Aldis. 1, 2, 3, Murdoch is the new NWA World Champion.

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