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MCU fans are upset with Ms. Marvel’s CGI

The MCU is officially back with its next Disney+ entry in Iman Vellani’s Mrs. Marvellthe second character to debut on her Disney+ outing after Oscar Isaac’s moon knight. While a lot of anticipation has built up over the past two years to see Kamala Khan in action, fans have also expressed concerns about the show’s use of CGI and special effects prior to its debut.

Since the first trailer for Mrs. Marvell Debuting in March, MCU fans have been very vocal about the drastic change of Kamala Khan’s powers, which are more cosmic than physical on the small screen. The creative team on the show explained why this change occurred for the sake of association Mrs. Marvell To other cosmic storylines, though, that didn’t allay fears about what Marvel Studios had in store.

While fans have already invested in Kamala’s story as she made her mark within the MCU, the CGI theme has once again taken center stage as Marvel Studios moves into Phase 4. And that’s still the case with Mrs. Marvell Specifically, as fans made their voices heard about the show’s use of CGI after the first episode came out to the public.

MCU fans comment on Ms. Marvel CGI

Warning – the remainder of this article contains minor spoilers for the first episode of Mrs. Marvell.

after the appearance of Mrs. Marvell On Disney+, criticism of the series’ CGI work has flooded the Internet.

Tweet embed CGI powers are called “terrible” And she didn’t enjoy their origin, but praised how Marvel did so well with the character of Kamala Khan:

“The CGI powers really look awful. And the origin is horrible. But I dig perfect for making theory videos and a lot of fan art. They nailed her character wisely. And is she supposed to be someone in the middle of the credits?”

Marvel Studios

Tweet embed He wasn’t harsh with her criticisms, saying that “CGI was (definitely) rough” But the series could exceed her expectations as a whole:

“yk what. ms marvel was actually pretty good. cgi was tough you could know, but i think it will be a lot better than i expected! having high hopes after the first episode!”

Tweet embed She enjoyed the show, but also criticized Marvel Studios for not doing a better job on CGI with the resources available:

“Mrs. Marvel was fun but the wtf is that cgi Marvel Studios stop acting like you don’t have the resources for CGI”

Tweet embed It also won praise for Mrs. Marvellbut CGI left him frustrated because he noticed it “Powers look bad:”

“I actually loved Mrs. Marvel

The only real complaint I have is that the powers up look bad and the CGI isn’t great on them.

I loved everything else especially Kamala and the style like all the doodles.”

Tweet embed CGI description for display as “poor” He asks what happened to Marvel Studios as a whole:

“Ms. Marvel’s CGI is really bad. What happened to Marvel’s CGI?”

Mrs. Marvell CGI
Marvel Studios

While Tweet embed Gave episode 1 of Mrs. Marvell Almost top notch, they took a CGI stopping point in the car scene from the first few minutes:

“Mrs. Marvel Episode 1 = 9/10 (The CGI car scene was too far from lmao)”

Tweet embed Post a picture of Christian Bale Gore, the butcher of God from Thor: Love and Thunder With a grim look on the villain’s face, he used it to share his thoughts on Mrs. Marvel CGI:

“That Mrs. Marvel CGI”

Mrs. Marvell CGI
Marvel Studios

Tweet embed I really enjoyed everything that came of it Mrs. Marvellincluding CGI work, noting specifically how good Fellaini has faith in the lead role:

“Ms. Marvel Ep 1 is awesome. Excellent pace, fun, charming, great visuals, CGI really looks amazing and complete and for sure…Iman Vellani is perfectly represented. I can’t wait for more”

Tweet embed Episode 1 is called “perfect” And the “I love everything about it.” They also praised Ms. Marvel’s powers as “wonderful” And I enjoyed doing CGI, which gave the episode a near-perfect score:

“I just finished Ms MARVEL 1 episode and I have to say, it was perfect, I loved everything about her. Her powers are really cool, and the CGI isn’t bad at all. 9.5/10 for episode 1, can’t wait for the next episode”

Mrs. Marvell CGI
Marvel Studios

Mrs. Marvel hits almost every mark

CGI projects at Marvel Studios have been a hot topic in recent months, specifically cases like work done in Spider-Man: There is no room for home And the footage seen in the first trailer for Strong woman. The same is now true of Ms. Marvel, where complaints ranged from semi-frustrated to angry at the frontier as Kamala Khan explored her powers for the first time.

These complaints come on top of some unfortunate comment bombardment from some fan cults, although there are plenty of positives from Mrs. Marvell. Iman Fellaini’s portrayal of the main character is winning fans over quickly after the Marvel crew and cast members mocked how amazing she was in her first-ever real appearance.

With five episodes remaining, fans will be watching closely what Marvel Studios does with CGI in this new entry, though hopefully it doesn’t detract from the groundbreaking new story being told.

The first episode of Mrs. Marvell Now available to stream on Disney+.

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