Innovative Portable Power Solutions From Ecoflow

Innovative portable power solutions from Ecoflow

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Eco-friendly power solutions ideal for backup, outdoor activities and adventures

Dubai United Arab Emirates: EcoFlow It is the world’s first eco-friendly portable energy storage line of products that provide you with clean, quiet and renewable energy.

EcoFlow products are unique and stand out from the crowd, thanks to the patented X-Stream technology that enables the Smart Inverter Series to charge up to 80% in just 1 hour. The X-Boost feature allows you to power larger output devices, up to 4500 watts. Moreover, the EcoFlow APP allows you to control your power plants remotely. EcoFlow’s Battery Management System (BMS) measures voltage, current and temperature in real time and maintains the battery for optimum performance using an intelligent algorithm.

The EcoFlow family of products includes the RIVER series: RIVERMINI, RIVER, RIVERMAX and RIVERPRO as well as the DELTA, DELTAMINI, DELTA, DELTAMAX 1600, DELTAMAX 2000 and DELTAPRO series, all of which can be customized according to your needs for increased power and capacity, making them ideal as a backup power source, managing Energy smart, and also a great way to lower your energy bills.

The EcoFlow RIVER series of portable power stations provides a convenient power solution that is easy to transport and can power up to 9 devices simultaneously and accept a variety of charging sources. This makes these devices the perfect travel companion, even allowing you to charge them using a solar-powered charger or a car charger.

EcoFlow RIVERMINI is the only RIVER in the RIVER series with wireless charging while EcoFlow RIVER is one of the most portable choices in the RIVER series. You can take it while camping or use it during a power outage to power appliances at home. It has a capacity of 288 watts per hour and weighs only 11 pounds. River Max is a larger alternative with a capacity of 576 watts per hour. With twice the capacity of the RIVER thanks to the extra battery, it’s great for those who need more power for longer trips, or for an extended home backup solution. EcoFlow RIVER Pro is a larger alternative with a starting capacity of 720 Watt-hours and is ideal for long-term adventures and home backups.

The EcoFlow Delta range is focused on providing robust, long-lasting power solutions – as plug-and-play battery-powered generators. They retain their mobility, but are not as light as the River devices.

One of the main power stations, EcoFlow DELTA Max with a capacity of 2016Wh, which can support a family’s emergency use needs (four lights, a fan, a router, a laptop, a refrigerator and a smartphone charging) for half a day. When connected to two DELTA Max Smart Extra batteries, the capacity can reach 6048Wh, enabling the family to comfortably survive a two-day blackout.

With an expandable capacity of up to 25 kWh, the DELTA Pro can fully recharge in less than two hours and is the first battery in the industry to harness multiple power sources. The entire ecosystem has enough power – on just one charge – to meet the average household’s emergency energy use for about a week. The EcoFlow DELTA Pro portable power plant was named in the TIME 100 Best Inventions of 2021 and was awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2022.

In addition, EcoFlow’s suite of solar energy solutions can help you save on your energy bills. EcoFlow solar panels and generators, which can be charged in a range of 3 to 8 hours, are another great way to ensure that blackouts do not cause blackouts in the home and that your devices stay charged for days. EcoFlow’s portable power stations have a range of solar panel options that can be connected to at home or outdoors.

EcoFlow is currently looking for dealers across the Middle East.


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