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Howie Mandel hits the Golden Buzzer for Madison Taylor Baez

Before her seemingly impromptu performance, Madison Taylor Baez opened up about being a fan of hers

‘America’s Got Talent’ is all about spotting stars – and sometimes those stars can be right behind you.

It’s a lesson learned by judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara on Tuesday’s episode of NBC’s reality contest, which saw an 11-year-old win the coveted Golden Buzzer after attracting the judges’ attention while singing in the studio to the audience at Business break.

Before her seemingly impromptu performance, Madison Taylor Baez has opened up about being a fan of “AGT” since she was four years old.

“I’m a big fan out there and it could be America’s Got Talent, and here I am,” she said.

But instead of taking to the stage and auditioning the old-fashioned way, Bayes hid in the studio audience, blending in with fans.

To pass the time during breaks, members of the “AGT” studio audience get the opportunity to sing into a microphone. When the microphone reached Baez, her powerful performance of Amazing Grace instantly caused the judges to raise their necks in her direction and she received a standing ovation from the audience.

Known for how difficult it was to impress Baez, Coyle invited her to sing on stage.

“I’ve been to many recordings (“AGT”), Baez told the judges. “Since I was four, I’ve always tried to sing for commercial breaks. It’s always been my dream to be on this show, and I’m finally here.”

After more Baez’s great vocals, Coyle said the contestant was a one-of-a-kind talent.

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“I usually leave during the break because people sing, and that’s actually the opposite,” he joked. “He took me back to the room.”

When asked how the million dollar prize will be spent, Bayes said she would donate it to cancer research. She added that her father had been living with stage 4 lung cancer for nine years. Her father later joined her on stage, saying that his daughter had learned to sing to calm him through his chemotherapy.

Her talent and pure heart inspired Mandel to strike the golden buzzer, sending tearful Baez straight to live performances.

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Baez wasn’t the only singer who impressed the jury.

Drake Milligan, a 23-year-old country singer from Fort Worth, Texas, received yes from all four judges, as well as comparing Mandel to a music icon.

“I think this song was a huge hit, and I think you’re a huge hit,” Mandel said after Milligan and his band performed his original song “Sounds Like Something I Do”. “You’re like the new country Elvis.”

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Another memorable singing performance came from founders Chris Ume and Tom Graham, a duo that uses “artificial intelligence to create ultra-realistic content”.

Instead of singing themselves, they invited former “AGT” contestant Daniel Emmett to sing “You’re the Inspiration” in Chicago while the camera shot him.

The camera was projected onto Emmet’s body with a large screen, but with Coyle’s face plastered on it with amazingly realistic and supernatural effect.

“Is it inappropriate to fall in love with a contestant?” Coyle joked. “A great singer who looks great.”

They got a unanimous yes from the judges.

A man pulls Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara with a hook through his nose

Of course, it wouldn’t be an episode of “AGT” without at least one really weird verb.

The act on Tuesday came from Zeno Sputafuoco, who appeared to be spiraling a nail through his nose and out of his mouth.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Oh, but that’s not all. The silent rider also invited Vergara and Klum to the stage and had the judges sit on a wheeled platform. Then he took a large hook, put it on his nose and pulled the rulers from a rope attached between his nose hook and the platform.

This odd feat earned his four yes, sending Sputafuoco to the next round where he’ll likely perform more jump-causing stunts. Yay?

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