Highlights on Wednesdays during the day - Big Brother Network

Highlights on Wednesdays during the day – Big Brother Network

It’s eviction night inside Big Brother’s house 24, and The Leftovers are counting down the hours leading up to the eviction tomorrow night. The plan remains the same since Monday’s veto party and this week’s goal still feels quite comfortable with their BB24 housemates. Read on to find out what all the Big Brother guests inside the house have said and who some of the future goals could be.

If you’ve got Live Feeds (free trial), you can watch all these moments with Flashback to go back and catch those important conversations or funny scenes that you might have missed.

10:25AM GMT – HGs wake up.

10:45 AM BBT – Nicole tells Daniel that she’s spoken to Kyle and told him that everyone has a great social game and that they really love him. She also warned him that if he was working with the other side of the house, they would use and manipulate him.

10:55 a.m. BBT – Taylor talks to the cameras and states that as of tomorrow she’ll be seeing more mass than anyone else this season on eviction night.

11:15 a.m. BBT – Taylor says if she doesn’t win HOH, she’ll end up in HN next week. And she adds that if she wins HOH, that means Brittany and Michael will likely end up with HNs. Taylor then said she loves Brittany, Michael and Joseph and campaigns for Joseph to get AFP.

11:22 a.m. BBT – Nicole in the kitchen recounts a conversation she had with Taylor, Turner, and Joseph about whether there were more wheels or doors in the world. Taylor, sitting upstairs, says she started this conversation with the cameras. Taylor remembered how she drove so many great conversations in this house and no one gave her credit for it.

11:32 a.m. GMT – Taylor announced her victory next week and said that if she won, she would send Daniel home. She adds that Andy is only kind to her because she thinks she (T) is going home.

12:05 PM BBT – Nicole campaigns on Michael and asks if he’s still inclined to keep her above Taylor. He tells her it is.

12:08pm GMT – Michael tells Nicole he feels it would be better for his game if Nicole stayed and joined him and Brittany. It says totally because it removes the purpose from both.

12:11 p.m. BBT – Michael Nicole asked if she had spoken to Monty about how he would vote if there was a tie. Nicole says no, you haven’t spoken to him since the veto party. She adds that she doesn’t think Monty was happy with Daniel’s veto when he told him not to. She adds that he (M) always said Taylor was his target, but she doesn’t want to assume that.

12:28 PM BBT – Joseph tells Kyle that he won’t tell anyone where to vote and that he doesn’t care either way. He says he won’t start leaking that he will vote Nicole until tomorrow, but he is worried that someone might run and tell Nicole or Daniel.

12:30 PM GMT – Brittany joins the conversation and just asks them to tell her and Michael when they start leaking their vote. Meanwhile, Taylor says she’ll pack up and take a self-care day, and work on her speech.

12:36 PM BBT – Taylor asks Brittany if Michael told her about the Po’s Pack prior to their reveal. I told her he had told her before. Brittany expressed that she spoke to Michael last night and that he is totally ready for both and Taylor says she trusts both, but she has questions.

1:30 PM GMT – Nicole heads to HOH with Monty to talk to him. Nicole says she really thinks Daniel is so intent on taking Taylor out that he didn’t even consider the danger she would be in. She says she appreciates him coming to her and telling her his concerns.

1:32 PM GMT – Brittany and Andy talk about voting tomorrow. Andy says that of the two, she trusts Nicole the most, but she has more

1:35 PM BBT – Nicole Monty asks if he would vote to keep her if the vote was split? He asks if she thinks the vote will split. She says he said that Indy, Alyssa and Jasmine won’t vote for her, so she doesn’t know if she can trust that anyone will vote for her. He said he didn’t say they wouldn’t vote for her, he said they didn’t trust her. She told him she took it because they wouldn’t keep it.

1:39 PM BBT – Nicole Monty asks again who he’ll vote for, and he says his target is Taylor.

1:54pm GMT – Nicole tells Monty that if she still existed and beat HOH, she would put Alyssa and Andy or Turner and Jasmine and want to join Brittany and Michael. She says if the three girls don’t trust her, then one of them will be her target. She adds that she has spoken to Michael and Brittany and they are fine with her joining them.

2:06 PM BBT – Monty is on camera now that Nicole has left the HOH room. He talks about how he had to go along with what she was saying apart from knowing Nicole dumped him under the bus with Jasmine, Alyssa and Andy. He adds that she’s playing dumb about Daniel Vito’s use when he tells Daniel Kyle that they (D&N) thought Monty was lying.

2:08 PM BBT – Monty wonders if he should go to Jasmine and tells her that Nicole just lied to him about her going to Jasmine. He thinks this will have little effect on Indy and Alyssa because Jasmine will probably tell them too. He’s trying to get a 9-1 vote against Nicole with Daniel being her only vote to stay.

2:11 p.m. BBT – Nicole tells Jasmine and Alyssa that Monty doubled down on what he said to her the morning of the veto party.

2:16 PM BBT – Jasmine told Alyssa, Michael and Brittany she didn’t want to be like last week (surprised). Michael says he’s still pretty sure the plan is to vote for Taylor.

2:18 p.m. BBT – Brittany and Michael tell Jasmine and Alyssa that the one thing about Nicole is that she won’t tell them who her goals are next week. Brittany adds that she told her she wasn’t sure who to trust. Jasmine tells them that Nicole told her that she really loves them.

2:20 PM BBT – Jasmine thinks if Nicole stays she’ll join her and Turner.

2:22 PM GMT – Alyssa tells them she thinks Taylor is considering joining her and Andy.

2:26 PM BBT – Jasmine confirms with Alyssa and Michael that the plan is to vote for Taylor and only ask if things change to let each other know.

2:32 PM BBT – Nicole tells Joseph she can’t count on the voices of Alyssa, Indy, or Jasmine.

2:34 p.m. BBT – Nicole tells Michael she feels good about talking to Monty. She says Monty told her he would vote for Taylor if it was a tie.

2:36 PM BBT – Joseph tells Terrance that if the house wants Taylor out, so does he, but he’s starting to smell that people don’t trust Nicole. Terrance confirms that he is voting with them. Neither of them wants to be on the wrong side of the vote.

2:40pm GMT – Terrance tells Joseph they need to win the HOH to keep them safe. They agree that the three of them would be an easy back-end plan for anyone.

3:00 PM BST – Michael tells Alyssa that Nicole had hinted to him that she would join him and Brittany if she stayed. He told her he was thinking about it and just leave her three teams to take on if HOH wins (Alyssa and Andy, Jasmine and Turner, and Monty, Joseph, and Terrance). Brittany joins the conversation, and Alyssa tells them she feels like something is off. Alyssa is worried because Nicole never mentioned joining her and Andy, which means she thinks she and Andy would be Nicole’s target.

Jasmine, Alyssa, and Andy are still planning to vote for Nicole to stay, but they also seem open to the idea of ​​upending their vote if it means they’re going to be on the right side of things. While the Leftovers are planning on leaking to some guests who plan to flip their vote, they’re also slightly concerned that Nicole or Daniel might be affected by the change in plans.

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