GE: GE Digital launches accelerator tools to help energy companies accelerate digital transformation

GE: GE Digital launches accelerator tools to help energy companies accelerate digital transformation

  • Advanced digital technologies and product configurations incorporate energy expertise and best practices from GE Digital engineers and technology partners
  • The tools can accelerate time to leverage predictive analytics, asset integrity and reliability processes, optimize asset strategy, and change management workflows without ad hoc development.

San Ramon, California – June 6, 2022 – GE Digital today announced its new Accelerator product line that has added best-in-class software tools to help enable companies in asset-intensive energy industries to quickly configure Asset Performance Management (APM) and other offerings. GE’s digital accelerators are designed to enable faster valuation time and extend APM to a broader range of assets, helping organizations gain financial value both in their facilities and across the enterprise.

GE Digital’s first suite of accelerators includes an extensive library of predictive analytics, asset management strategies, and standard health and reliability processes. This can be applied to the entire energy value chain, from oil and gas to power generation – from renewables like wind and solar to conventional gas and nuclear production assets. By using pre-configured advanced product configurations, companies can efficiently set up enterprise-wide asset performance and reliability programs, embedding priority actionable information in their day-to-day business. Additionally, it is designed to extend the power of APM with condition monitors, analytics, asset maintenance strategies, and business process workflows. The accelerators are designed and built with energy industry expertise and best practices from GE Digital’s innovative architects, engineers and technology partners.

“The energy industry is changing rapidly and companies need to deploy software and gain insights from software at faster speeds than ever before,” said Linda Ray, general manager of power generation and oil and gas business, GE Digital. “Digital tools and automation are critical. We designed the Accelerator suite to accelerate APM development, configuration, and optimization. Asset strategy accelerators, for example, can spend thousands of resource hours developing equipment strategies and operations in the oil and gas industry.”

Energy companies have used asset management practices for decades on critical equipment, ensuring high availability to meet the requirements of their customers. The increasing complexity and size of industrial facilities, combined with the need for market flexibility, require the application of asset performance practices to a much wider range of equipment, using more advanced digital technologies. The accelerators will help energy companies expand their asset management operations without spending more time and resources building custom configurations and health monitoring technologies.

Asset Strategy Accelerators

Built on APM Strategy, a key solution in GE Digital’s APM suite of software, Asset Strategy Accelerators target industrial assets across power generators, oil and gas producers, and mining companies spanning a broad spectrum of critical importance. BoP asset strategies include various supporting and auxiliary equipment for power production ranging from recycling, mechanical, electrical, safety and controls. This advanced Accelerator library allows companies to extend strategies to include additional equipment in their maintenance and reliability programs. Asset strategy accelerators are imported into the APM database and applied in either failure modes, impact analysis or asset management applications.

GE Digital has partnered with Stork to offer the Asset Strategy Library (ASL) to offer a set of pre-defined strategy templates for known failure modes and specific mitigation actions for a variety of asset types including Balance of Plant (BoP).

Standard health and reliability processes

The Health and Reliability Accelerators are designed to build a comprehensive view of the overall health of the asset. Leveraging deep domain expertise and the intelligence of APM Health’s solutions, these accelerators mine through the many data inputs into APM to uncover critical issues and other concerns. The policy engine consumes data that calculates an asset’s overall health score to identify and prioritize the assets that need the most attention.

Health and reliability accelerators provide pre-made templates for configuring data structures and connections for related queries, sensor flaw analytics, health indicators for a single asset health metric, and policies that combine alerts/alarms logic, formulas, coding, plus recommendations and actions. This reduces valuable learning time, and harnesses the power of APM to make the right decisions faster. Deeper insights allow companies to prioritize maintenance efforts and scale APM across the enterprise to realize the benefits of reliability management for more assets.

“Deploying accelerators can enable companies to achieve business results faster,” Ray continued. “We will continue to build the Accelerator library to scale across more assets, processes, and workflows including root cause analysis, carbon reduction, and energy transition enablers.”

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