Gabe Wendy, The Bachelorette, Rachel Rikia on Critique of the Season - The Hollywood Reporter

Gabe Wendy, The Bachelorette, Rachel Rikia on Critique of the Season – The Hollywood Reporter

[This story contains spoilers for ABC’s The Bachelorette.]

Rachel Riccia and Gabe Wendy tackle a season of ABC The bachelorette This is truly one of a kind and saves its thorny moments.

After both ended up sad the previous season for Clayton Echard BSCRecchia and Windey are announced as co-stars on The Bachelor in a surprising makeover. The two leaders participated in a group of male contestants until last week, when they each had to decide which players to invite as a group of suitors. This led to new challenges, as one man, Logan Palmer, accepted Warda as a member of Rikia’s team but appears eager to move on to Wendy’s side.

Both bachelors are aware of online criticism from fans about the level of competition that the two stars were seen as boosting. “Gabi and I never fight, we don’t make a decision without one or the other, early in the season,” says Rikia. The Hollywood Reporter During a joint interview with Windey. And hear all the criticism [the men] Pitting us against each other is not the same at all.”

During the conversation below, The Bachelorette discusses a contestant who describes Windey as “rough around the edges,” Recchia’s feeling of being left behind during Windey’s recent group history, what’s in store for future episodes and why this season’s critics miss the point.

On the show, you talked about feeling that men have power. Do you still feel like this?

Gabe Wendy: I certainly think there has been a bit of a power-sharing with there being celibates, and men take it or do what they can to make sure that they are, in fact, the ones making the decision and that the decision is not made for them, I think, for lack of better words. It’s always ups and downs, but I feel like Rachel and I are doing our best to do what we think is appropriate at the moment and stick to each other and really do our part. You see that we are a lot emotional and doubt ourselves at times, but you have to go through that in order to get over it.

Rachel, were you surprised at how upset you were during Gabe’s date this week?

Rachel Rikia: What people don’t really see has been during the date, Gabi and I are fine. We were talking about what’s going on. This was just a struggle I was having internally. Feelings are really not something anyone should be ashamed of. Gabi and I had some moments when we didn’t know if we felt like being seen and chosen by our group of guys. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them. I wanted to get a little acknowledgment from them, but overall, it was something I did then, in the privacy of my own room. I was really trying to be honest with how I was feeling. I went to talk to the guys afterwards and they really escalated it, they were very relaxed and amazing the next day. It was definitely something you didn’t want to see – one of your down-to-earth moments – but it really helped me the next day get to know these people better.

The Bachelorette stars Rachel Rikia and Gabe Wendy

ABC / Craig Sujoden

Rachel, we see you especially wondering about your decision to go on this trip, and maybe worrying about whether or not you’re going to have a big decision about your future on the show. How did it feel to grapple with that?

rikia: People are really watching Gabe and I’m browsing this for the first time, and we’re already cruising through this on our own. And there are really high and great moments and really low moments. Especially at this point in the journey for me, I was hitting several roadblocks in a row, and it was really frustrating. People will watch me get in touch with my feelings and have to go through the process of doubt, which is very normal for every single person. But I hope people can really see the highs that come next.

It was hard to watch the Rose Ceremony with the three rejections I talked about. Do you think that maybe there could have been some way for the format to be different so as not to make you go through that?

rikiaIt’s hard for Gabe and I to experience rejection in our special season. I guess that’s something that singles in the past didn’t have to deal with as much as we did. It hurts your feelings. But in terms of coordination, we’ve all been learning as we go along. This is what happened at this moment. Of course, it was really hard to pass – me that night and Gabe the night before – having to deal with these rejections, but that’s what happens. People can see that, and hopefully they know we’ve been doing our best for now.

Gabe, what do you think of Hayden saying that the “rough around the limbs” comment came from you?

Lost: We had conversations, and it was always about how he never met a woman like me. And so I try to relate, and I probably did, in a joking way, say I’m rough around the edges. I’m fine laughing at myself and saying these things, but you can’t just throw it at me again. That’s just general fitness and social skills. But it was clear that he was acting from an unsafe place and just wanted me to feel as weak as him. Looking back, you can see it for what it is, but as Rachel was saying, it’s tough. We are sailing through this new scenario, and no one has gone through it.

Did you know that Logan was struggling with who should be on his side?

rikia: It’s really exciting to watch it again. Of course, I was not fully aware of the current situation. I was just doing my best to make room for each of my relationships. Logan and Rudy accept, so I suppose he’s there to pursue a relationship with me. Watching it’s really hard, I apologize to him for not getting a chance to talk when he says, meanwhile, how he doesn’t want to be there. It’s very frustrating, but he was honest in what he said, and that’s the truth of it.

In terms of the Bachelor duo setup, is that what you were expecting, and do you think the producers might continue to fiddle with things, if they did it again, to get it right?

Lost: It was very nice to have someone else, a true friend, follow up on it with you. Watching the criticism again and seeing it online, it’s not surprising, but it’s like, “Oh, you guys kind of miss the point.” We give men a lot of attention and allow them to turn into a competition. But if you pay attention to the story of Rachel and I, we are not. So it’s a nuance to watch it again.

rikiaGabi and I never fight, never make a decision without one or the other, early in the season. Hearing all the criticisms leveled at us from pitting us against each other was not the case at all. Like Gabe said, they really miss the point of female friendship as we navigate this together and show off our true feelings. Hopefully, going forward, they can see that a little more.

Obviously, fans really want you to find great partners after all you’ve been through. How will viewers feel about where things are headed?

Lost: You’ll see more of a love story now and less of hopping between two singles. Because now we are strengthening our relationships and moving towards romance.

Interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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