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Five generators you can buy now to beat the load separation – but you may have to move fast

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  • It won’t be easy, but you can still get a residential generator by the end of this week, or by the middle of next week.
  • Inventory has been moving fast since the launch of Phase 6 load shedding, but we’ve tracked down generators that are available for home use in nearly every price category.
  • For some, you will have to wait a day or two before you can receive it, in others you may have to wait for delivery.
  • Here is where you can still find a generator for sale in South Africa at the moment.
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When phase 6 load separation occurred, generators began flying off the shelves.

But if you know where to look—and aren’t picky about the price—you can still get a home-sized generator this weekend, or by the middle of next week.

It won’t necessarily be as easy as walking into a store; Chains like Buco sold out emphatically early Friday afternoon. But suppliers like Ryobi sell direct, while Game-Builders-Makro Group has a stock of different types of generators at select chains and stores.

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You can also shop online, if you don’t need a generator in this second.

Below are some generators for residential use that were available at the time of publication.

Ryobi’s two-stroke RG-950: R2,350 from Builders (don’t care about the game)

Earlier this week, you could get the RG-950 from a number of toy stores at a promotional price of R2,000. By Friday, that stock was gone.

This is a very small generator for beginners, with a tank of 4 liters and an output of 650 W, which for a long time will not help much. But then, it comes at the cost of a few car fuel tanks.

It comes with a two-year warranty, but you’ll have to mix up your own two-stroke fuel.

Builders had a small handful at the time of publication, but history suggests that could not continue. But if you pay R2,550, Ryobi will let you collect one of the dozens in Gauteng’s inventory, or you can wait up to a week for delivery.

Grip’s 5.5 kVA: R10,000 from Makro (delivery only)

fist generator

Grip mid-size gasoline generator (gasoline, recoil start) special at Makro for 10,000 rand, stock available – but this is an online-only deal.

The builders sell the same for 10,500 rand, except you can go to a store and pick it up right away.

Last time we checked, this was true of quite a few Builders stores across the country, but don’t convince us.

Ryobi 7.5kVA RG-7900K: R13000 from Builders

Ryobi مولد generator

Gasoline (four-stroke) RG-7900K runs exclusively at Builders until July 18th.

It’s rated to run for 20 hours at a time, with a 25-liter tank and switch-start from a 12-volt battery, plus overload protection on its sockets.

When we last checked, you could get it at Builders Stores, and the generators didn’t sell out at that price very quickly. But if you can wait for delivery, you’ll have more luck: At 14,500 rand, Ryobi says he has nearly 200 of them in stock.

Tiger TNG8000AE 1PH 6kVA: R17,000 via Takealot

tiger birth

By early Friday afternoon, we were able to find exactly one generator that Takealot said was available in both Johannesburg and Cape Town: the TNG800AE “Tiger”, which was sold by AC/DC Dynamics for just over R17,000.

This means that you should be able to collect it the same day or the next day in the big positions, and have it before the end of the week.

Takealot also has some stock, in Johannesburg or Cape Town but not both, from a range of other generators, if you can at least wait as long as it takes them to set up your batch.

Gen-Tech 3.2kVA diesel: R20,000 from Leroy Merlin in Gauteng, or very fast delivery

Gentech generator

When we checked, French hardware chain Leroy Merlin had nine of these popular diesel electric generators in stock.

Its small chain of stores is only in Gauteng, but it will offer for a small fee and very fast.

At 3.2 kVA, this Gentech is on the lower end of the typically recommended range for running an entire average home – but has enough power to keep freezers frozen as well as powering lights and entertainment systems.

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