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Explanation of the end of the ‘Charmed’ series: Halliwell House Scene

yes, Charm Fans, this has already happened. The CW drama wrapped up its four-season tour on Friday with A stunning final scene for the multiverse is sure to thrill fans of both the reboot and the original series.

After reuniting Inara with her sisters and preventing another magical disaster, the current Charmed Ones—Mel, Maggie, and Kaela—discover a mysterious door adorned with their own turkish.

“Are we sure about this? Another world? Other magicians?” Mel asked the group. Maggie shared her skepticism with her sister, but Kayla insisted that this was where fate had led them.

So, what was on the other side of that sinister door? No big deal, just… Halliwell Manor! “This house looks strangely familiar,” Mill noted, as the three found themselves standing outside the very house where Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige each honed their original craft. Charm.

“I think we should see who lives here,” Maggie suggested, but a knock on the door revealed no one was home. After another push from Michaela, Maggie agrees that they should enter the house, which has been unlocked (as if it were fate). “We are stronger than we have ever been,” she said. “I know we can handle whatever we encounter on the other side of that door.”

The episode (and series) ends with Mel, Maggie, and Kela entering Halliwell Manor and the doors magically closing behind them.

Is your mind completely blown? It was us. Fortunately, executive producers Jeffrey Lieber and Joey Falco were happy to answer our burning questions about the final swinging scene:

TVLINE | Was the season always going to end this way, or did you do it because you knew you wouldn’t be back?
falco company | We wrote and filmed this episode before we knew the show was going to end. We’ve known for months that there is a 50/50 chance of us canceling, so we wanted to finish something that could go forward but could also have a satisfying outcome. We finally wanted to connect these universes together. We were going to do it way bigger and crazier at one point, but since we knew there was a chance of us canceling, it was the sweet spot where we felt we had to do what we always wanted to do – make it a Charm The multiverse – but also ends in a hopeful and satisfying way that seals everyone’s feelings.

TVLINE | This is the heck of a setup. What would you do if the offer was renewed?
libre | We were looking forward to starting next season with the universes holding together, and then we’d see [which cast members were] about and midwife. In the first five minutes of Season 5, we deal with how those universes hold together and then return to our world again. What has been really important for us this season is to create something big and stable. We kept going back to what the Spider-Man franchise did. We wanted there to be one world in which everyone could live.
falco company | We definitely had a plan for what Season 5 would go into. There have been phone calls about which staff members are available and who are willing to do so. We had a very flexible plan based on [those logistics], but we never had those conversations because we wouldn’t have them until we got a ride. So we’ll never know who may or may not have turned up.

TVLINE | So no phone calls are made about getting anyone to come across in that last scene?
falco company | the correct. We wouldn’t have done that this season. It was all about launching Season 5 with that.
libre | There were two separate concerns. First, this show is that show, so we wanted to end this season with these characters. Then there’s a bigger idea of ​​the franchise, and we wanted to honor that. But we never wanted this season to end with anything other than these three sisters – Mel, Maggie and Michaela – and somehow wrap them up.

TVLINE | Were you on the set the day this scene was shot? It must have been a big moment.
libre | Well, there’s a story there: All three were shot on the balcony in Vancouver. Our wonderful crew built a [replica] from the balcony. But when the retreat happened, it was filmed in Los Angeles [at the house used for exteriors on the original Charmed]. This idea started with Joey who suggested it as a way to end the season. We tried to take over the house, but we couldn’t figure it out. We brought in a writer named Adam Logan at the end of the season, and when we were talking about our frustrations, he was like, “I know the guy who owns the house in that house!” Two hours later, we were able to reach him. it was amazing.
falco company | Fate was honest. She was a kismet. It’s something we’ve been really excited about doing for a long time. … Jeff and I were there, and we have a lot of pictures in Charm The house we will have to publish [after the episode airs].

TVLINE | I have to ask: Was it Pru or Messi who closed the door in the end?
falco company | That’s a great question… I think fans can discuss it. I definitely have an idea, but I don’t think we should make it canon, because I feel like it’s up for debate.
libre | This fan base is very specific and interested in everything, and we have a lot of questions online about what the reality of things are. We are about to enter a period in which there are a number of questions that may not have answers. So we say: “You guys answered!” Somewhere down the line, this thing is going to be picked up by someone and they’re going forward, and all I wish we could do is leave behind a coherent universe that someone can take and [work] with. That’s what last season was all about, putting everything in the same place.

TVLINE | I’m shocked we won’t see that happen, but even the idea of ​​it seems rather satisfying.
falco company | And while this show is over, the journey for these ladies does not end. They are still fighting. We won’t end up sitting around a table reading stories to their grandchildren as the original show did. The fight continues, as we want to leave the audience. They are still fighting there.

We will have more Charm Definitive coverage coming this weekend, including more about what fans were going to see in Season 5. at present , Rate the ending in our survey below, then drop a comment with your thoughts on that ending.

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