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Explanation of Prey Ending and Scene Log In after the credits: How the new Predator movie connects to the franchise

Warning: complete spoilers follow Berry. Want to see if there is an end credits scene? We will tell you here. there Somewhat he is. Read on for all those details.

If he bleeds, we can kill. Hollow prey takes predator road Go back in time, pitting one of the galaxy’s greatest hunters against Comanche warriors in the 18th century. A new time period, the same deadly predator chasing the toughest hunt he can find. Directed by Dan Trachtenberg, Prey tells the story of Earth’s first Predator hunt. And we’re here to break the end as well as dive into the Easter eggs we’ve discovered in this epic adventure!

Explanation of the movie “The Ended Prey”

It’s 1719 in the Northern Great Plains, and a predator is being brought down here on Earth to find and hunt down the planet’s apex predator – you know, very ordinary predator-style stuff.

Indeed, the core story in Prey is also standard Predator-style stuff, in a good way – a ferocious human warrior uses his wits and environment to hunt down and kill a deadly alien warrior whose sole purpose for existence is to hunt and kill. As we mentioned in full Prey reviewThe movie brings the Predator back to its roots. It’s all about fishing.

Our main character is Naru (played by Amber Midthunder), a Comanche warrior and hunter whose family seems to think they should leave hunting for men. As our heroine, she is the one who begins to discover that there is something in the forest that could haunt her tribe. She’s also the one who finally finds out how to do it get over Predator, it includes a strain of orange flower that when ingested can lower a person’s body temperature enough to avoid detection by the predator’s thermal vision.

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The final battle begins as Naru and her brother Taabe (Dakota Beavers) engage a predator. Taabe has been on his own for a while, but you know these Predator fights are all fun and games until someone gets impaled. Which is exactly what happens.

After a brief escape, Naru prepares for the final showdown, eating a bunch of flowers while also using a hunter as bait to attract a predator. This allows Naru to use a special gun (more on this one below) to mount the moon roof to the back of the alien’s head. Then she stole the Predator’s helmet, which is different from helmets we’ve seen Predators wear in the past but helps direct his long-range projectiles.

As the alien chases her down (the moon’s surface wasn’t enough), Naru attacks from above, increasing his injury. She eventually shoves it into the swamp, slowing it down long enough for Naru to prepare the fatal blow, using the Bone Head to redirect the alien’s target projectile bolts so they end up inside his forehead.

So just like in other parts of the Predator franchise, the victorious hunter has to figure out how space technology works and how to find ways to beat it. This precedent is set back in Predator 1, and Naru’s plan mirrors what the Dutch do in this movie, this is The future of the movie. I understood you?

It’s all about those orange flowers though. They apparently let Naru do the same thing that Dutchman Arnold Schwarzenegger did in Predator 1 when he covered himself with mud to lower his body temperature and evade who – which Scanners and predator sight.

Finally, after defeating the predator, Naru cuts off its head and returns it to her village. She is celebrated as a warrior and warns her people of the dangers that both the alien and the hunter she encounters bring.

Prey end credits scene

During the first installment of the ending credits, an animated rehashing of the film’s events unfolds. It’s really cool, but the last thing we see is a shot of the Predator ships emerging from a group of clouds…right above the Comanche camp. Does this mean that Naru and its people are doomed after all? Or maybe just a sequel in the works depicting these characters? Time will tell!

easter eggs

There were two great references to the previous Predator movies that we picked up on Prey.

The first is a reference to one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous lines from the first movie, when Taabe said the same line: “If I bleed, we can kill him.”

And of course the other big one is a nod to Predator 2. It’s this adult Narrow shooter pistol…after also throwing the head of a predator. It’s the same gun with the same engraving that Danny Glover received as his reward for killing the Predator 300 years later. Now, this means that at some point predators must have returned to Earth to retrieve this weapon so…fun Easter egg? defy. Bad news for Naru and her tribe? great moment.

What do you think of the prey? What other time periods would you like to visit the next Predator franchise? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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