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06/03/22 – The inauguration of the first off-grid biofuel fueling station in a small boat harbor

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For immediate news release: 3 June 2022

Opening of the first off-grid biofuel fuel station in Small walls for harbor boats

Pacific Biodiesel Terminal Opens at Ma’alaea Harbor on Maui

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(Ma’aliyah) – The first of six mobile biodiesel stations in Hawaii opened this morning at Ma’aliyah Small Boats Harbor on Maui. Pacific Biodiesel has been installed and will power the off-grid refueling station in the busy port.

“This innovative refueling station gives customers 24/7 access to biodiesel, making it even more convenient to refuel with our 100% locally produced renewable fuel,” said Bob King, founder of Pacific Biodiesel. “These standalone units are easy to install and transport. They can be quickly dropped off at locations across the state to serve customers, like DLNR, who are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to combat the effects of the climate crisis.”

Pacific Biodiesel was one of the 2021 recipients of U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) infrastructure funding to produce plants that help expand the availability of homemade biodiesel to customers across Hawaii. Each fuel station contains 8,000 gallons of distilled biodiesel produced at the company’s refinery on the island of Hawaii. The stations provide flexibility in providing fuel to customers on land, off-road and sea routes. Many cruise boat companies in Ma’aliyah Port have been supplying biodiesel for years.

Ma’alaea Port is one of sixteen state boat ports operated by the DLNR Division of Boats and Ocean Recreation (DOBOR). DLNR has also agreed to place a biodiesel plant at the Honokōhau Small Boat Harbor in Kailua-Kona on Hawai’i Island, which will open this summer. Several vehicles in Maui’s DLNR fleet are already running on biodiesel as part of the division’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“This is an important public-private partnership to advance our state’s renewable energy goals and mitigate the effects of climate change. It is part of a chain of biodiesel stations in small boat ports for ships and vehicles. DOBOR is working closely with Pacific Biodiesel to expand access to diesel fuel A local biome that supports energy security and provides critical environmental benefits,” said DLNR President Susan Case.

Ed Underwood, Director of DOBOR, commented: “This fuel suits us well and its offering at Ma’alaea is in line with our mission to protect the marine environment and its inhabitants, prevent pollution affecting water quality, and promote appreciation of the marine environment.”

Biodiesel directly replaces petroleum diesel and can be used in any diesel engine, including diesel boats, cars, trucks, buses, heavy equipment, and power generators. To use the biodiesel station in Ma’aliyah Port, customers must first download a free application. To open a business account or to complete a fuel purchase tax credit form for marine or other off-road use, customers may contact Pacific Biodiesel Station Manager, Christopher Long, at 808.283.1855.

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(All images/video courtesy: DLNR)

HD Video – Inauguration of Biodiesel Petrol Station in Ma’aliyah Small Port (June 3, 2022):

Photos – Inauguration of the biodiesel fuel station in Ma’aliyah Small Port (June 3, 2022):

For more information or to download the application:

Media contact:

Dan Dennison

Senior Communications Manager DLNR
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Joey Galatro

marketing manager
Pacific Biodiesel
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