Bluetti generator conserves power in the event of a power outage

Bluetti generator conserves power in the event of a power outage

We live in a world and society that relies heavily on electricity. If the electricity goes out for a few hours, we are distracted and bored. If the outage is longer, the consequences shatter everything we know about modern conveniences, routines, and leisure time.

Blackouts are sudden and can last for hours or even days. More and more people are looking for power independence to tackle unexpected dimming issues, and BLUETTI is ready to meet that demand. In fact, BLUETTI will soon announce the second generation of its modular power plant, the AC500. After two years of development and product iteration, the AC500 is BLUETTI’s most powerful solar generator to date. The complete site-independent system is designed so that all components are precisely matched and prepared for quick installation. With the accompanying B300S battery pack, the AC500 will give you the confidence during home emergencies or the ease you need during your outdoor recreational activities.

Rest assured in the event of a power outage

With many parts of the world experiencing heat waves in the summer, grid regulators are issuing dire warnings about the dangers of blackouts along with increased energy demand. Most of us have experienced the unexpected frustration when a sudden power outage stifles our long-awaited summer plans.

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The BLUETTI AC500 is designed to allow you to slowly upgrade your battery backup system – meaning that the system starts only the most important electronic devices. This simple and elegant method conserves the power of your entire home in the event of a power outage. The AC500 has a 24/7 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) function; It can automatically detect power outages and handle more than 99% of your electricity needs in just 20 milliseconds. When the conversion happens, you will hardly notice the difference. Your electrical needs, such as a CPAP, refrigerator, microwave oven, washing machine or even a garage heater, are guaranteed with the AC500.

Size matters – and why bigger isn’t always better

A solar generator uses energy provided by the sun, which is then converted into electricity. It’s essential to store energy so that it can be used when needed – and that’s where battery storage comes in. The modular design of the BLUETTI AC500 allows you to expand the storage generation capacity by connecting B300S or B300 external battery packs with a maximum of 18,432 Wh.

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The rule of thumb for solar generators seems to be that larger sizes produce more power output at any given time; However, we know that there is often an exception to the rule. The AC500 is rare in its efficiency, as its design significantly reduces overall size and body weight. Its very attractive design increases the flexibility to carry each unit separately rather than each component at once, and you can replace any batteries according to the requirements of your particular situation.

Be ready wherever you need strength

The ability to collect energy from the sun and store it in a high-capacity battery will give you comfort and solace when the grid fails you. With the BLUETTI AC500, there is no need to depend on the utility network and no need to worry about power outages.

And you can outfit your life off the grid with the AC500 + B300S combo. Easy to transport, safe to use indoors and outdoors, and virtually silent when in operation, the AC500 is an ideal solution for saving electricity bills while always keeping your appliances powered and ready to use. You’ll be able to charge it at home using wall outlets, in the car with a cigarette lighter outlet, or even in the wild with just a bright sun. When you’re powered by the sun, you’ll get instant electricity wherever you are, and you’ll have unlimited access to power to charge your batteries during sunlight hours.

BLUETTI is dedicated to building the future of green card. The AC300, their first modular power plant, proved a triumph from its inception. If there is one constant in today’s world, it is that technology is always changing. AC500 is a new generation, fully upgraded version of the previous BLUETTI model. AC500 developments present opportunities – its versatile and highly attractive features include a 5000W pure sine inverter (10,000W dash), so you can operate high-powered appliances without any hassle. The easy-to-use BLUETTI app allows you to monitor and control the AC500 right from the palm of your hands.

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Antique gasoline generators, which produce toxic fumes and pollution, produce unbearable noise, and consume non-renewable petroleum resources, are becoming a thing of the past. The BLUETTI AC500 solar generator does not release any pollutants when it produces and stores energy.

Rest easy knowing that your camping or boating trip is powered by quiet, clean energy. Your home will be safe and your family will be healthy when the loss of energy affects your area. You will experience the best modular solar power plant with the AC500 as BLUETTI unveils a new era of solar energy.


With over 10 years of experience in the field, BLUETTI has tried to stay true to a sustainable future with green energy storage solutions for indoor and outdoor use. The company has constantly strived to provide an exceptional eco-friendly experience to everyone and the world. BLUETTI makes its presence known in more than 70 countries and is trusted by millions of customers all over the world.

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