Bluetti EB3A portable power station is preparing for US launch

BLUETTI is back with another great product that will surely be your next outdoor companion. When it comes to adventures in the sun, the beach, or getting in touch with nature, it’s essential to also have a reliable source of energy with you. No, we are not talking about gas powered generators or those that make deafening sounds. We are talking about the BLUETTI EB3A power plant.

Introduced at CES 2022, this one is extremely lightweight at just 4.54kg. Talk about extreme mobility. It’s so compact that you can carry it by hand if you want or put it in a backpack for lounging. You definitely won’t need a cart.

Aside from its travel-friendly size, it also has plenty of cool and advanced features to keep you connected and your electronic devices powered up even in the great outdoors. This includes solar charging so you can live comfortably even when you’re off the grid. Now let’s move on to what makes the BLUETTI EB3A a great power station that you might want to consider buying.

Multiple recharge/recharge options

The BLUETTI EB3A Power Station solves the hassle of having to bring a power block that only weighs more. Instead, when recharging via AC, it only needs one industry-standard AC cable. Then there is the convenience of harnessing the sun’s energy, through a DC car charger, or another generator (using both AC and DC sources simultaneously). All of these options make this power station handy when you live in an RV or truck trailer or when there is limited access to recharging via a direct electrical source.

Conveniently, this new product comes with three AC charging modes. When you want to sleep during the charging process, you definitely want to turn off the fan. This calls for a silent mode which has a charge rate of 100W. But if you don’t mind slight noise and want fast charging, you can opt for Turbo, which saves you from 0% to 80% in just 30 minutes and with a charging rate of up to 430W. Then there’s also the standard mode at 268 watts.

For an indication of the shipping time, you can review the guide below:

  • 200W MPPT Solar charge: ≈ 2.5 hours
  • AC charging: ≈1.3 hours (in Turbo mode) / 1.5 hours (in Standard mode)
  • 12V / 24V Car charge (100W): ≈3.2 hours
  • AC and solar charging cable (total 430W): ≈1.1 hours
  • AC charging cable and adapter T200 (430W total): ≈1.1 hours
Compact yet versatile


Speaking of AC, the BLUETTI EB3A has two AC outlets with an output of 600W of pure sine wave inverter power. It also has two regular USB-A ports and one 100W USB-C port for fast charging. It can power almost any electronics from smartphones, laptops, cameras, and even heavy equipment.

We are talking about those home and kitchen appliances or other necessities that make for a comfortable living experience. These include vacuum cleaners, heaters, kettles, and more. This is made possible by the innovative powerlifting mode, which can power up to 1,200 watts of resistance equipment.

This new offering from BLUETTI also features a UPS Bypass mode, which allows AC power to support loads directly onto AC output ports and charge the EB3A. This way you get what the company calls an “extra offer” of continuous and UPS-type power features.

Great battery management system


The BLUETTI EB3A, like other BLUETTI power plants including the AC300, uses an efficient and reliable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cell. This means that you are guaranteed up to 2500+ charging cycles for up to ten years. Check out our review on the BLUETTI AC300 here.

Moreover, this generator comes with a great Battery Management System (BMS) to improve battery life. It protects against overheating, short circuit, overcurrent, overload, overvoltage, etc.

Modern media features


As with other recent versions of BLUETTI such as the AC200 MAX, the EB3A also comes with recent upgrades including Bluetooth connectivity. It connects to the BLUETTI app where you can control and monitor the device. It even has Wi-Fi so you can update your device to the latest firmware directly via OTA (over the air).

BLUETTI EB3A also has an upgraded LCD display screen where you can check clearly and intuitively the status of your device. These include the percentage of remaining power, recharging time, and input/output power.

Availability and date


The BLUETTI EB3A will be launched on the official BLUETTI website on June 14 at 10:00 PM EST. If you want to grab this portable power station before it sells out, head over to join the BLUETTI Official Facebook Group for a chance to get an early 23% discount. Don’t worry, shipments will be fast a week after purchase.

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