BioLite unveils new BaseCharge portable power stations with a solar panel as a down-current solution

BioLite unveils new BaseCharge portable power stations with a solar panel as a down-current solution

BioLite offers another blackout product. From creating pocket-sized chargers used for cooking and camping, the New York-based company is now adding the latest portable power plants to its portfolio, along with a solar panel.

If you suffer from frequent dropsy in your area, these new technologies may be the solution you are looking for.

BioLite BaseCharge Portable Power Plants

(Photo: BioLite Energy)
BioLite offers the latest range of portable power plants that will help you deal with unexpected power outages in your area.

According to a report by Engadget on Monday, August 1, BioLite has officially unveiled the BaseCharge 1500 and BaseCharge 600 portable power plants. The company also announced that it will come with a SolarPanel 100 as well.

For those easily annoyed by power outages, you can now run your devices without power. As such, you can now continually use your appliances and other equipment in your home.

Interestingly, portable power stations have their own battery life status, so you’ll know the power left in them. You can also take advantage of temperature alerts, energy meters, and system notifications.

It should be noted that the cumulative use of them should be observed over time. There is also a need to fill them every six months so that they are easily accessible in times of emergency.

BioLite’s power plants are well protected thanks to a tough plastic casing. At the bottom, rubber feet protect smart home devices.

In addition, since it is heavy in load, it has special interior areas that will help you reduce the load. However, it is important to protect them from extreme weather conditions since no weather protection feature is available in the first place.

BioLite BaseCharge 600

The BaseCharge 600 power station is one of the most affordable devices you can buy soon. It’ll cost you $699, but it’s already enough to power your devices for a while.

It contains a 622 Wh Li-ion battery. Moreover, it has three types of inputs that you can use, including a USB-C PD input, a solar charger input, and a combo wall.

As for the output, you can choose from the ten options below.

  • Car outlet 12V (also known as cigarette lighter – 120W)
  • 2 USB-A ports (5V)
  • USB-C (5V)
  • USB-C PD (5V/100W)
  • Two 110V AC (600 Watt up to 1000 Watt burst)
  • Wireless charging for Qi and related devices on the top platform (10W)
  • Two DC 12V (120W) barrel outlets

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BioLite BaseCharge 1500

If you have the budget for a better power plant, BioLite’s BaseCharge 1500 may be your best choice. At $1,699, it has more capacity compared to the BaseCharge 600 model.

It is somewhat heavier because it weighs 26.5 pounds, while the smaller portable power station weighs only 13 pounds. This model has a similar number of inputs, just like the previously mentioned product.

However, its selling point is its 12 outputs which you can see below:

Wireless charging for Qi and related devices on the top platform (10W)

  • Car outlet 12V (also known as cigarette lighter – 120W)
  • USB-C PD (5V/100W)
  • 2 USB-A ports (5V)
  • 2 USB-C ports (5V)
  • Two DC 12V (120W) barrel outlets
  • Three AC 110V (1200W up to 2400W)

Of course, BioLite can also allow you to convert your power plant into a foldable solar panel. For just $400, efficiency will be in your hands with the SolarPanel 100.

Even if it’s raining, it’s perfectly usable, thanks to its IPX4 panels. You can also use a zipper bag for your cables.

As of the time of writing, you can now register on the official BioLite website here. Pre-orders will start on September 17th. Stay tuned for more information.

In the meantime, you can check out a NoteBookCheck report on the Bluetti AC500 and the B300S system. This is another great alternative if you are looking for a good power plant at home.

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