Amazon Prime Video Unveils First List of Southeast Asian Origins - Deadline

Amazon Prime Video Unveils First List of Southeast Asian Origins – Deadline

Amazon Prime Video has announced its first slate of local language originals in Southeast Asia, including three stand-up comedy sitcoms, Comedy Islandacross Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, and projects from local talents including Joko Anwar, Camila Andini and Pangong Bisanthanakon.

Comedy trio – Comedy Island: IndonesiaAnd the Comedy Island: Thailand And the Comedy Island: Philippines – They all include famous comedians and other celebrities who are stranded on Paradise Island and are expected to start broadcasting in 2023.

In Thailand, comedians must escape from a mysterious world trying to reprogram them; In Indonesia, they were forced to participate in strange role-playing games to amuse the locals; And in the Philippines, they are trapped on a lost island that has resurfaced and compete for a prize that will change their lives. The Indonesian and Filipino versions are produced by Base Entertainment in Indonesia, while the Thai version is produced by Litality Productions.

Amazon has also started developing a list of other local language assets, including two Indonesian films – Siege in a high forkDirected by Anwar (Satan’s servants) and produced by Come & See Pictures, and 4 seasons in JavaProduced by Four Color Films and written by Andini (Before, now and then).

Include Thai projects under development Three idiots and a ghost, a film based on the novel by Sal Kim and published by Wattpad with the production of Jungka Bangkok; written string metal casket From Writer/Director Pangong (Paul Mac), Beside How to fake it in Bangkokof Halo Productions with executive productions by Ananda Everingham.

Originals will be supported by local language licensed content including Totally strangersthe Indonesian version of the Italian hit, launched on October 17; Ashy ManDirected by Atta Hellinter (November 14) and a horror film Contilanac 3Directed by Rizal Mantovani and starring Julie Estelle (October 10).

The Thai menu includes a thriller about the epidemic 100 (December 12), a horror movie about coming of age top rankStarring Krit Jeerapattananuwong (November 14), action drama My True Friends: The Beginningstarring Ryu Vachirawich and Nak Charlie Trairat, which begins broadcasting today (August 1).

Includes content from the Philippines Comedy Dramas Big night, starring Christian Bubbles and directed by John Lana, which also airs from today; romantic How do you love Mr. HeartlessStarring Sue Ramirez (August 15), a surreal drama Whether the weather is goodStarring Daniel Padilla (10 October).

Amazon is also launching local pricing and marketing campaigns across the three regions, backed by stars including Iqbal Ramadan, Chiku Kurniawan and Kiki Sapputri in Indonesia, Mario Maurer in Thailand and Ann Curtis in the Philippines. Local rates are around $4 per month in Indonesia and Thailand (59,000 and 149 THB) and $3 per month in the Philippines (PHP149), after a seven-day free trial.

The local show will also include Korean, Japanese and English movies and series, including Korean romances Nothing serious Japanese hit animation Demon Slayer, Both streams from today, Thai cave rescue Ron Howard, thirteen liveswhich starts on August 5.

“We are thrilled to increase our investment in Prime Video for customers in Southeast Asia, making it a truly local experience — from local content tailored to our customers, to the local user experience, and our first large-scale local marketing campaign,” said Josh McIvor, Director of International Expansion, Prime Video.

“Southeast Asia is a tapestry of cultures, languages, and history, and there has really been no better time to be a content creator or consumer of content in this part of the world,” said Erica North, President of Prime Video Asia Pacific. “We are excited to bring the first three local releases from Amazon, fun world Comedy Island For customers in Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and all over the world. ”

Amazon Prime Video has been available across Southeast Asia since 2016, but this is the first time the service has had a local user experience and offers shows in the local language. North announced plans to ramp up investment in Southeast Asia at the Asia Television Forum (ATF) and Marketplace in Singapore last December, since when Broadcaster was building a local production and marketing team in Singapore.

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