A psychedelic and stupid slob that moves in a game - Big Brother Network

A psychedelic and stupid slob that moves in a game – Big Brother Network

I’m not sure what was more embarrassing during this episode of Big Brother 24 – a ridiculous veto contest that had players make fake acid trips or Daniel’s stupid game move that would ensure his best friend would be a back door this week.

Picks up Wednesday night right after Monty nominated Indy and Alyssa for eviction. Monty tells us that he nominated them because they are the only pair that does not include a member of the Leftovers Alliance. But he still had his sights set on Nicole, so if things line up and Taylor is okay again, Nicole could be in trouble.

Nicole is happy that she is not out of place, but she does not feel safe. She says she only trusts Daniel and won’t be shocked if the back door plan is this week.

Meanwhile, Michael, Brittany, and Taylor make a foray into an alliance. Michael tells us he wants to take Taylor and Brittany with him to the end.

Daniel decided to score with Monty what he’s thinking this week. Monty keeps Taylor as a targeted charade. But Daniel is a little suspicious after the princess’s wrath. So he says he can’t let that happen to Nicole this week.

Elsewhere, Taylor, Michael and Kyle talk about how awesome it would be if Daniel won the veto and actually used it and was the reason his best friends came home. Taylor says that would be a nice revenge.

Daniel told Nicole that he really wanted to win the veto and not use it. He says his priority is to protect the Finals 2.

So it is again up to the veto. So who will play this week? It’s time to withdraw the veto and find out. Joining Monty, Joseph, Terrance, Andy, and Alyssa are actually Danielle and Kyle.

And it turns out that Daniel and Nicole aren’t the only ones who want the candidates to stay the same. Brittany knows that she and Michael are the most vulnerable in The Leftovers since there is no member other than him. So if the names stay the same, they can send Alyssa home and get Andy to join them as a shield. And since Taylor deals with the two, she says she can postpone Nicole’s revenge another week.

But before anything can or cannot happen, the veto must be exercised. So let’s get to it and find out what happens.

For this week’s Power of Veto competition, one player (or two players) from each team will have to pretend they’re tripping over a psychedelic downhill, watch a strange cartoon video of themselves, and pass that information on to the other player who will next. They should answer a series of questions based on what they were told about the trip. The team that gets the most answers correctly wins the veto.

Joseph and Terrance make the trip for their team, while Daniel and Alyssa make the trip for them. Monty, Kyle, and Andy chose to answer the questions.


Round 1: Kyle and Andy each get a point.
Round Two: Everyone gets a point.
Round Three: Kyle gets a point.
Round four: Kyle and Andy score points.
Final round: They got it all right.

This means that Kyle and Daniel will win by veto power.

Daniel realizes that Kyle wants to veto Alyssa. Apparently it only takes one Bestie to change candidates.

Speaking of which, Michael decided to mention to the rest of the alliance members that he and Brittany don’t have armor, so leaving the nominations as they are will keep their alliance even stronger. Monty agrees that if Andy joins Michael and Brittany, they will be 100% protected next week. So leftovers tend not to veto. But how could they convince Cale not to use it?

Kyle joins the others and they give him the playing field. He got the plan, but said that it would be difficult for him not to save Alyssa on moral grounds. They truly led home to Cale that this was really the way to protect the alliance.

So Monty went to Daniel and Nicole to make sure Daniel didn’t decide to veto power. Monty tells them he’s more confident in how the votes will go if the candidates stay the same. If he puts Taylor and Nicole in the block, he’s not sure where the sounds will go down and Nicole can go home. He says this is not what he wants.

Daniel and Nicole think Monty realizes he doesn’t have the votes to take Nicole out this week, so he doesn’t want to veto until he can save Taylor. This now makes them think it’s their chance to take Taylor out, so Nicole is fine again if Daniel vetoes it.

Daniel goes to Kyle and says it’s funny how Monty is trying to stop them from vetoing now that he knows exactly why. So he told Cale that he would veto it even if Cale didn’t.

Kyle tells us that not only will Daniel help him save Alyssa, but he’ll make sure Daniel’s best friend in the game is in trouble this week. This might be one of the dumbest moves ever, Kyle adds.

At the veto meeting, Daniel decided to use the veto power. Andy and Alyssa go down, and Nicole and Taylor go up.

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