The Force in Service: Sandy and Beyond.  The illustration shows where the floodwaters were at the PSEG power plant during Hurricane Sandy.

A decade after Super Storm Sandy, New Jersey’s infrastructure is better prepared for hurricane season

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NEWARK, NJ, June 10, 2022 /CSRwire/ — The Public Electricity and Gas Service, New Jersey’s largest utility, is well prepared to support customers and the state for what experts say could be a very active hurricane season. Ten years after Super Storm Sandy raged across the East Coast, PSE & G continues to protect customer utility services from the adverse effects of severe weather by strengthening and modernizing its infrastructure. This work has contributed to PSE & G customers experiencing fewer outages and for the tool to achieve strong reliability performance for 2021, one of the best in the past 10 years. *

The $4.8 billion investment in infrastructure enhancement and modernization programmes, parts of which are still in progress, spans across PSE & G Energy Strong I and II and the Gas System Modernization Program I and II, and includes lifting, rebuilding, decommissioning and upgrading equipment at 26 plants, many The ones that were damaged by floods during Sandy. PSE & G has also installed smart grid technologies, replacing nearly 2,000 miles of old gas lines, and adding digital and other technologies to make the grid smarter and more resilient.

PSE & G has received the Mid-Atlantic ReliabilityOne Award from PA Consulting for 20 consecutive years, which is further evidence that our efforts to enhance our electrical system are benefiting customers.

The benefit to customers was evident last year when Tropical Storm Ida caused historic flooding of most utility service areas. Tropical Storm Ida and its aftermath will cause more than $75 billion in damage nationwide — surpassing the damage caused by Superstorm Sandy in 2012. PSE&G’s infrastructure stood strong. A total of 215,000 customers lost power compared to more than 2 million who experienced extended outages during Sandy. By replacing and upgrading low pressure cast iron gas piping in or near flood areas, we have protected 90,000 customers from the risk of losing gas service due to flooding.

“During Superstorm Sandy, I was a South Hoboken Police Department Chief of Staff. Hoboken Public Safety Director Kenneth Ferrante said. Over the past 10 years, as OEM Coordinator, Chief of Police and now Hoboken Public Safety Director, I have witnessed the commitment of PSE & G is critical to improving infrastructure.From working with the city to move and raise our main substation out of the flood zone to incorporating improved cabling and stronger poles,PSE&G has been an invaluable partner in making our community safer and more resilient.PSE&G’s commitment to working with our city government has led to Bring Hoboken to a place where There was not a single blackout during Ida or Hurricane Henry. When severe storms have little negative impact, residents remain safe and return to their normal lives much sooner. “

PSE&G upgraded the lines and installed more redundant circuits so that if part of the line was damaged, we could prevent the outage by using another electrical path. These improvements and upgrades allow for faster energy recovery, especially for critical facilities. In areas served by new infrastructure, outage times at critical facilities such as hospitals, water treatment plants and essential health and safety service providers have been greatly reduced.

“We expect this hurricane season to be a busy, potentially dangerous season with more major storms, so we urge customers to plan and prepare now,” said Kim Honeyman, PSE&G President and Chief Operating Officer. “The work we started a decade ago is paying off – fewer customers experience outages and when that happens, we can restore power more quickly. Continuing these investments to protect our customers from extreme weather is fundamental to our Powering Progress vision of a future where people use energy. Less, it’s cleaner, safer and more reliable than ever before.”

Colorado State University meteorologists predict there will be 20 named storms this year — including four major hurricanes, activity well above average. Last year, there were 21 named storms, making it the sixth consecutive year of above-average hurricane activity.

How do you prepare

PSE & G customers can prepare for the upcoming season by:

  • Make an emergency kit Including a battery powered radio, alarm clock, flashlights, batteries, bottled water and non-perishable food. For more information, see the recommendations of the American Red Cross.
  • Prepare for power outages by charging Our phones, tablets, power backups and other portable devices. If you have a gas-powered backup generator, learn how to use it safely. Stay informed with MyAlerts.
  • Life Preservation Equipment Record Needs with PSE & G. If you or a family member depends on electricity to operate life-sustaining equipment, it is critical to inform PSE & G by completing a critical care request before storms occur.
  • Prepare for wind or flood By securing outdoor items such as trash cans and patio furniture and turning off power to natural gas appliances and supply valves. If evacuation is necessary, close the gas valve at the meter before leaving.
  • If you have a generator Always operate the alternator according to the instructions in the owner’s manual. Never use a generator or other fuel-powered machinery indoors. Generators can produce 100 times more carbon monoxide than a car. Hazardous carbon dioxide fumes are odorless and can quickly confuse you within minutes if a generator is used indoors, even with doors and windows open. This includes outbuildings such as cottages or garages.

*As measured by the average number of customers who experienced an outage of more than five minutes in 2021 – a key reliability measure in the electrical utility industry.


The General Electric and Gas Utilities Corporation is the oldest and largest public utility gas and electric utility in New Jersey, serving three-quarters of the state’s population, as well as one of the largest in the country. PSE & G has been awarded the ReliabilityOne Award for Superior Electrical System Reliability in the Mid-Atlantic region for 20 consecutive years. PSE & G was awarded the 2022 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year in the Energy Efficiency Program Delivery category, the 2021 Customer Champion and Most Trusted Brand as named by Escalent. PSE & G is a subsidiary of Public Service Enterprise Group Inc. , (PSEG) (NYSE: PEG), a regulated infrastructure company predominantly focused on the future of clean energy and has been named in the Dow Jones North American Sustainability Index for 14 consecutive years (

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