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Portable chargers can be a lifesaver on the go and when the unexpected loses power.

I always think of chargers and power adapters for 3 things. Home/office chargers, chargers to take me and my devices through the day on the go, and chargers and adapters I pack for travel.

Like it or not, our phone battery is at its best the first day we get it new. From there it descends with battery life. The battery life of all your equipment gradually diminishes over time. I never leave home without a way to quickly recharge while on the go.

For travel, I look for power adapters that fit the trip and pack easily. I start with low-density, high-performance adapters that make it easy to get where I’m going.

When it comes to adventure, I carry heavier batteries and recharge solutions to keep me powered and ready off the grid.

We’ve rounded up our favorite portable chargers for on-the-go situations to keep you connected.

Best portable chargers for travel

Best for camping or emergency power

portable jacry power plant

The beginner’s portable power station is the perfect travel accessory for camping, road trips, and for having a backup power supply on hand. It’s easy to carry (under 7 pounds – even a child can hold on to it) and fits nicely in the car so you can stop using your car battery for extra power. Additionally, you can purchase a solar panel separately which is able to charge your power station using the sun, so you can continue to run the power during an outdoor trip without having to find a wall socket.


  • 1 AC outlet (110V 200W 400W peak)
  • 2 USB ports (5 volts, 2.4 amps)
  • 1 DC input
  • 1 drive out
  • It will charge your phone up to 24 times, a tablet 5 times, or a laptop 2 times
  • Supports pass-through charging

Best for camping using solar energy

jacry solar generator
jacry solar generator

Jackery’s Solar Generator is another great option for a backup power supply and can be especially useful on any outdoor trip. Powered entirely by two SolarSaga 100 solar panels, this generator is quieter than typical gas generators. With a power of 1000 watts, you can use this Jackery Solar generator to power larger electronics including a full-size refrigerator, TV, grill, coffee maker and more. You can also operate up to 8 devices.


  • 3 AC outlets
  • USB-A output
  • Fast charging output
  • USB-C
  • DC output and input
  • It will charge your phone up to 100 times, a drop 17 times, and a laptop 8 times
  • Supports pass-through charging

Best for laptops

Omni 20+ Portable Power Station
Nintendo omni laptop power bank

One of the most compact portable chargers in the world, the Omnicharge Power Solution is a great travel option to keep your laptop, drone, phone, tablet and camera charged. It also supports wireless charging so you can carry fewer wires with you, and it can be recharged in less than 3 hours. It can even be recharged by solar energy and has an OLED display to keep you updated on how much your Omicharger and your devices are charging. This will work with both Macs and PCs.


  • Wireless charging
  • 2 USB ports (with buttons)
  • 1 AC output
  • 1 DC input/output
  • 1 USB-C Input/Output
  • Charges a laptop up to 1 time, a phone up to 5 times, a camera up to 5-10 times, and a tablet up to 2 times

Best for mobile phones

Anker portable charger
Anker portable charger

Anker makes a variety of portable power banks for any number of devices you’re looking to charge simultaneously. This portable charger is convenient enough to put in a bag and keep on hand to charge your mobile phone multiple times. Thanks to the compatible USB port, you can charge a variety of electronic devices including Apple, Samsung and other Android mobile phones. It holds a number of charges and quickly recharges devices, so you can keep your phone with a full battery no matter where you are.


  • USB port
  • USB-C . port
  • travel bag
  • Charges the phone up to 5 times, and the iPad mini up to 2.6 times

Best for fitting in your pocket

Metecsmart Mini Portable Charger
credit card mini portable charger

This portable charger may be small, but it’s packed with heft. With its lightweight credit card shape, you can put this power bank in your pocket and keep your chargers with you. The device itself is fully recharged in just 2-3 hours, and it can be used to charge two devices simultaneously. This works with both iPhone and Android devices, along with other small electronic devices that you may need to charge while on the go.


  • 2 USB ports
  • Micro-USB cable and port to charge itself
  • Charges phones up to 1.5 times depending on the model

What devices do you need to charge while traveling? Comment below.

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