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Wagan 2203 Elite 1000W DC to AC Pure Sine Inverter from Wagan - Watt Power Generators | Portable and Standby Generators

Wagan 2203 Elite 1000W DC to AC Pure Sine Inverter by Wagan


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Introducing: Wagan 2203 Elite 1000W DC to AC Pure Sine Inverter by Wagan

Portable and Standby Generators are happy to present the excellent Wagan 2203 Elite 1000W DC to AC Pure Sine Inverter.

With so many available right now, it is good to have a name you can trust. The Wagan 2203 Elite 1000W DC to AC Pure Sine Inverter is certainly that and will be a perfect acquisition.

For this reduced price, the Wagan 2203 Elite 1000W DC to AC Pure Sine Inverter is highly recommended and is always a popular choice for many people. Wagan have included some excellent touches and this equals good value.

Manufacturer Description

Most inverters create electric powered waves that are a modification of the waves made by home electrical shops. In distinction, the energy made by the new Wagan Tech Pure Sine Elite Inverters is very comparable to the energy made by your home electrical outlet. Given that the energy made by these inverters is very cleanse and minimal in harmonic distortion, it enables users to appreciate clearer photographs on television sets and noise totally free audio programs. This inverter utilizes a genuine sine waveform in its delivery of power and energy. Such a much more "natural" approach of delivery resulting in faster starting up motors and a lower the best possible working temperature. As a end result, digital units employing the Pure Sine Wave Inverter are extended-lasting and much more successful in their procedure. The lack of sharp edges in the waveform minimizes susceptibility to interference from other digital units which can hinder equipment usefulness. For most buyers, the standard modified sine wave inverters will be sufficient. Nonetheless, if you are working delicate equipment like healthcare units and particular computer systems, a Pure Sine Wave Inverter may be essential. A host of new functions make the Pure Sine Wave Inverter an indispensable merchandise and a deserving addition to your line of equipment. This inverter converts twelve volts, immediate recent (12V DC) to one hundred twenty volts alternating home recent (120V AC). It simply powers Television/VCR combos, modest microwave ovens and refrigerators. It also operates at high performance (up to ninety%) that outcomes in long working time and extended battery daily life when compared to other inverters with this level of energy output. This inverter has the highest surge capability in its class. Superior surge capability of 2000 watts allows the inverter to start most challenging motorized appliances. Superior microprocessor-controlled circuits operate cooler and are much more dependable than competing models. This arrives with a wireless remote manage and a established of cables.

Product Features

  • Ideal for sensitive electronics
  • Efficiently powers motors
  • Operates dimmers and speed controls
  • Overload, overheat and low battery protection
  • Wireless remote control and cables included