Types and Info on Generator Accessories

Apart from pure energy production, you will find some helpful features and add-ons to think about when purchasing an electrical generator.  This can be absolutely needed, stylish or for better efficiency.

Transfer switch

If you wish to make use of your generator to supply energy to part or all your home, you will need a sufficiently sized generator along with a transfer switch. The transfer switch securely shuts from the utility energy line for your house's electrical system and opens an immediate line towards the generator and reverses the procedure when utility energy is restored. 

Standby models can function either having a manual or perhaps an automatic transfer switch. The advantage of a computerized transfer switch is it senses when utility energy is lost and instantly switches to generator energy. 

Wheeled Frames

Because the title indicates, portable machines could be moved to various locations. The littlest portable machines are comparatively light--possibly 50 pounds--and may be transported. Bigger models can weigh around hundreds of pounds, creating a wheeled frame required for moving it from the garage or shed to energy up whenever you lose power. 


Machines aren't always quiet. Some offer specs to lessen the noise produced throughout operation. Search for large exhaust pipes if noise is really a concern.