3gh Portable Commercial Stainless Steel Ozone Generator Industrial Ozone Disinfection Machine Water Air Sterilizer For Laboratory Kindergarten Food Shop

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Product Features

  • Parameters: 1. Model: XMT-3G 2. Ozone Output: 3000mg/hr. 4. Voltage: AC110-120V/50-60Hz; AC220-240V/50-60Hz 5. Power:60W 6. Dimension: 40×18×25cm 7. Weight: 5Kg 8. Gas Resource: Ambient Air or Pure Oxygen 9. Applicative Range: Water or Air 10. Plug: NA / EU / AU Standard Plug
  • Features: 1. Adjustable duration 2. Able to use it in the air, water 3. Long life performance, Lower radiation; 4. Without interfering any other equipment.
  • Primary Function: 1.water/ purification; 2. air purification; 3. detoxifcation and freshening; 4. dissoluting incretion; 5. health & Beauty care. 6,lab or medical